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Also.. it looks like United is dropping the Waco--> Houston flights. This sucks! Now, if you want to fly from Waco to Houston, you have to take American, which goes to DFW. You are looking at 3 hrs of airport nonsense vs. 4 hr drive. It makes it kind of not worth it anymore :(

I was having trouble finding someone that wanted to go to FLA with me, so I had the brilliant idea of flying to Houston and meeting up with Dad next time he went to see the grandparents. I could ride with him while he drove to Naples.. we'd get bonding time, I'd get to see the grandparents, I wouldn't have to drive, and it'd be all-around win! But the last flights to Houston are like.. tomorrow. lol

Hopefully Waco will be able to pick up another airline that wants to fly to Houston. I almost always went with American because it was better for me to go through DFW in most cases. I suppose it's that way for a lot of people, which is why they dropped us. Now that I want it, though, it's not there anymore! QQ

I blame United eating Continental. Continental cared about me T..T They used to give me free bottled water when I left the plane, and only charged a buck for headsets! I used to love those guys! Unfortunately, I'm getting really close to maybe actually earning a free ticket with my miles on American, so I haven't flown any other airline in years.. lol


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