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Saturday Morning Cartoons

This morning, I did somthing I haven't done in a long, long time. I got a bowl of cereal and sat down to see what was on Sat. Morning. It was really kind of funny.. there was a lot of Pokemon, for starters. I don't really hate pokemon.. I mean, it's just overly cute and overly comercialized. You won't catch me out in the stores buying all the pokemon stuff I can find..but I do have some, and being cute isn't ALWAYS a crime..heh At least I don't obsess over it.. you see.. there was this one girl who was room-mates with Mako-chan..heh heh heh
Anyway.. WB is starting to show new episodes of CARDCAPTORS. The dubbing is horrible.. I kinda agree w/Kero's (Kiro? :P) accent, though I think it should have been a heavier brooklyn accent. Today they showed the episode w/the Silent card and the painting. All the commercials and teaser bits and the parts before and after the commercial break show other stuff, though. They show Sakura holding her new wand.. they show eriol blowing shit up, they show Yue.. well.. standing around and being the bishonen that he is... Stuff like that. Which gives me hope that they'll finish the series in the US. Why do I care? MERCHANDISE! MWahahaha. I really want Sakura's second wand.. the pink round thing with the star in the middle. But, if I had bought it at A-kon, it would have cost me an arm and a leg. I bought the first wand @ Toys R US. It was made really well, and I love the fact that it lights up.. I just hate the fact that it speaks english. Ah well.. too bad I can't turn the sound off. It's really nicely-made, though. I was really surprised.
Also, I watch the Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon. I was expecting it to be really lame, and I was kind of surprised. The characters are cute, and well animated, but EVERYTHING ELSE looks like a 2-year old spit up it's baby food on the background paper. It looks like they painted the backgrounds first, without any regard to color, shape, texture, or even lines... and then they drew the lines in independantly.. so colors are constantly overlapping, etc.. and it looks REALLY crappy. I couldn't beleive how cheap it looked. One of the bad guys looks like bad Sephiroth fanart, and the main character (supposed to be Jackie Chan) doesn't look a THING like him. The little girl, who is supposed to be his neice or somthing, looks like a super-deformed anime girl.. it's all kind of cute.. but the plot is pretty good, and b/c Jackie Chan is one of the executive producers or somthing like that, the jokes are cute, and the fight scenes and other situations are very much like the jokes in his movie. That was one of the redeeming parts ^..^ I still can't get over how ugly everything else is, though. If you get a change, go find soem GIFs or somthing.. see for yourself...heh
So...I was watching all that on Fox Kids and the WB channel for the most part, and one f the channels (Fox, I think) was advertising this special w/RL Stein. Apparently, he's going to host one of his own stories. He's creepy! And I started to think about it.. he's that creepy looking.. and obviously a lot older than me.. and he's writing horror for children.. hmm.. kinda creepy..::shruggs::
I also (thanks to radio wasabi) found a website w/a translator on it that's better than babelfish. So.. I fed in some of my Ayami Kijima sites (both of them :P)and both times, I came up with another Kojima... I got both Ayami Kojima, but at the same time I also got someone named "Fumiyoshi Kojima" Maybe it's a husband-wife pair or somthing? Ayami Kojima gets ALL the credit over here, but Fumiyoshi Kojima was listed along side Ayami Kojima's name in both the art book website, and the exibition website. (BTW- the 2nd artist w/the gallrey along side kojima's turned out to be the designer/artist behind Blue sub No. 6)
IF they arn't two people working together that are related to each other.. the only other thing I can think of is .. it might be a pseudonym or somthing....I really don't know.
It also occured to me that one can probably live off of cereal alone. I mean, those cereal companies are so paranoid about selling to moms, that they have just about everythign under the sun in them... and along with milk, you're probably getting just about everything you need in one bowl XD Let's hear it for my diet of Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, and Frosted Mini Wheats! Huzzah!
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