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13 September 2012 @ 08:24 am
Tales of Graces  
OMG Pascal! She is a ruin freak, stupidly hyper, and comes with the title "Mysterious Groper." In a depressing game where everyone hates everyone, ESPECIALLY the main character, she's refreshing. In a game where everyone was already happy and getting along, she'd be way too annoying. She's kind of annoying as it stands, but it's really a burst of sunshine the game needed at this point. OMG it's depressing so far!

Anyway, if I do any Graces costumes, I am totally doing this one. When I drop some more weight :P

I really liked Cheria's ribbony dress thing, but she's a total bitch. She hasn't seen the MC in 7 years, and is absolutely AWFUL to him for no apparent reason. She doesn't want to explain it, she just wants to be bitchy to him. Every time she mouthed off, I just kept hoping the MC would tell her to take a walk. Some plot stuff happened, though, and the MC met up with his serious bromance, Richard, and then they picked up this nut Pascal and things are so much better now!

Seriously.. MC and Richard are so cute together. D: