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Forgot my Monday health update, so here it is.. with bonus videogame rant! (Month 6/ Week 23 -50)

I don't think there are too many people left on livejournal, though, so I don't think anyone noticed :X

Things are still going well. When I came back from Dragon*Con, I was sick. I had the con ick. It started as a sore throat, then moved to sinuses, then a general feeling of malaise and coughing up of colorful things with blood. Now, I'm all better! Mostly! Last week, I wasn't able to get started on the exercise again until Friday, and I eased into it by doing the bike Fri/Sat instead of doing a strength DVD on Sat.

Strangely enough, I lost weight like I was melting last week. It was pretty amazing! It's over now, but I dropped like 4 lbs. My weight has been holding steady since Mon, but it's ok. I can now finally say I've lost 50 lbs.

Yup, 50! And I'm at the halfway mark two weeks early (but actually right about where I estimated I'd get there)

I started this at about 250. Today, I came in at 200.4. Technically, it means I've "only" lost 49.6lbs, but whatever. The last .4 will be off tomorrow or the day after, I'm sure. I'm saying I've lost 50 and that's that. :P I've also dropped down in BMI from Obese Class III to Obese Class I. I am about 25lbs away from "just" being overweight, at which point the BMI scale stops being useful.

So yeah, I'm about halfway through. It hasn't been easy. I haven't posted a lot of my struggles here because I doubt anyone wants to read that. Heck, they probably don't want to read my weekly updates here, but I don't care about that :P I'm posting weekly updates anyway because I want to keep the people that DO care in the loop with how things are going. I actually started another journal about 3 months ago on a health support site, and I've made a little support group there so I can talk to people on a daliy basis about all of this. I think it's helped keep me with it.

So yeah, I'm still at it. I had a few high calorie days at Dragon*Con, but it really seemed to revv my metabolism up for the following week. This week, things are back to normal, but I'm in a good place. I've dropped 2 BMI obesity categories and 2 pant sizes. I've lost like 5 inches on each arm XD I notice little changes every day. I still have a long way to go, though. And I'm still waiting for that time where I meet up with a group of people I haven't seen in forever, and they say "wow, you're looking great! Good job!" When you get as heavy as I was, it takes a lot more than 50 lbs for other people to readily see the difference. I'm going to have to drop the next 50 and probably then some. It's ok, though. I'm in it for the long haul.

Matt's pharmacy conference is coming up in about 2 weeks. My old coctail dress fits amazingly well now, and Tania is mailing me a new formal dress. I'm going to look good! I'm going to have trouble deciding what to wear, but not for the usual reasons. Usually, I can't find anything that fits well and looks remotely flattering. This time, I'm going to have multiple choices of things that look good!

Maybe sometime this week, I will be taking a few full-body comparison photos. It will help me see how far I've come. Most of the time, I just look down at myself and think "yeah, I'm smaller, but I still hate XX and XX and XX." I still have so long to go. As tough as this struggle has been, I'm only halfway, and I still have another 6 months to go in my own personal challenge. After that, I can afford to drop at least another 15lbs to get to my ideal weight.. (which is still higher than the BMI ideal weight, lawl.) I don't think I have unreal expectations of what I could be or where I could go, though. I know that even as I hit spring of next year, there will still be parts of myself I don't like, even if they are smaller. Thankfully, though, I don't have some sort of weird complex about it, and I'll be ok. I've never considered surgery for anything, at any rate.

Oh.. and I also finally beat Tales of Vesperia! I should go back and beat Tales of Symphony now, srsly. Instead, I started The Last Story. Made by Mistwaler.... you know.. some of the people that pioneered the original Final Fantasy. Last Story.. Final Fantasy.. whatever -..-
So far, I'm not enjoying it that much. We'll see how it goes. I keep hearing that it's amazing. Guess what? I loved the shit out of Lost Odyssey. Last Story does not have turn based combat, though. Unless you switch it to manual, you don't even have an attack button! You just bump your guy into an enemy physically and hope he attacks. There's a manual mode so that you CAN attack, but there are a million other pointless things you need to do with your hero.

I should back up.

The gimmick for this game is that your hero gets some glowy crap on his hand that draws aggro. That's all it does! His special power is to draw aggro! And well, everyone is a weak human. So you don't want everyone getting beat on all the time. So you draw aggro. Then you get to stand there and guard while the rest of the party kills the monster. Except get this...

You get told what to do by your party a lot. Like "Look for his weak point" or "Draw them away while I do something cool without you!" or "go sneak around to the other side and shoot the caster with an arrow while we kill everything else!!" So, while you have your taunt thing up, you can't really do much else than guard. I tried attacking, but died a bunch. I'm not good at these action-oriented games. It's like this wants to be zelda but skyrim but also Final Fantasy XI. And while I'm in "seek" mode to find weak points and whatever, my dumbass character is frozen in place, can't dodge attacks, and I think his dumb taunt thing is even turned off.

Were they afraid that if they went turn-based with this story, it would be too much like a Final Fantasy game? I didn't get a Final Fantasy vibe at all from Lost Odyssey. That one was totally stand-alone awesome. I don't know what to make of The Last Story, though. It's not what I expected at all. I'm not very skilled at these types of games, and I don't think I'm going to be able to get very far, but I know I need to play more than an hour to give it a chance.

When I finally got control of my character, though, I was dumped into a sprawling city with the vauge directions to "go check it out" I'm hoping for some cutscene to magically pop up with direction, but instead some lady told me to go buy her some coconuts. There's some sort of mercantile feature where you buy fruit and cloth and spices and crap and sell them at higher prices in other towns. We've seen this in other games before. It still feels tedious, though, and I haven't even left this town!

Anyway, the camera is kind of bad, too, and I was getting nauseous by that point, so I saved it and decided to start Tales of Graces f. Tales games rarely deviate from the formula, so I knew what to expect. There's still a lot that is quite different from say.. Vesperia or Abyss or Symphonia. You start playing as a little kid, so I'm not sure if the UI is going to mature at all when you flash forward to present day in game time. The artes system looks a little weird, though.. and you learn your skills off your titles. I was always really bad at collecting titles because it seemed like so much was easy to miss. Since your skills are dependant on the titles, though, I bet you accumulate them all over the place now. We'll see. Already, it's super cute. I couldn't decide between that one and Atelier Meruru. I've been sitting on a ton of games I haven't started. Part of it was the con, and part of it was Diablo III, and part was trying to concentrate on this fitness thing.

My exercise schedule is pretty much set, I'm not as interested in Diablo anymore, and I'm not working on any costumes. So basically, as long as I can fit it into the afternoon, I can try to work on some of these games I've fallen behind on. I feel like I should just pick up the PS2 folder and start in the A's. -..-


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