HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face


and herpin' the derp. That's today's theme! It's a continuation of yesterday's contagious bout of herpatitis derp.

I was working on the Natalia boots yesterday, and knew EXACTLY how I was going to do them. Then, I didn't finish them that way. Why? DERP. I don't know. I decided to chop off 4 inches from the height of the boot for the cuff, then didn't make the loops for the garter belt long enough. Plus, the cuff that I measured AFTER basting magically shrunk. I gave up last night after one boot leg. I knew if I kept at it, things would just escalate into some unholy disaster. It's ok, though! Today is a new day. I only did one boot, so one is completely unsewn. I can't undo the cut I made in the PVC, but I can fix the cuffs so they look like they should, and I can sew longer rattail loops so the garter belt reaches. I will finish the boots today, and maybe even finish the quiver and the wrist ties on the blouse! Or maybe I won't do any of that, but instead finish the tunic. Maybe I can DO IT ALL!

We'll see. But for now, I have my workout done. It's time for a shower, lunch, and movie selection. I mean, come on. I need the hits o f the 80's and 90's to get me through this! I think Labyrinth will be the first one, since I can hum along to the soundtrack while slaving away at the machine! I'll have to pick something else for the inevitable hand-finishing though.


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