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Sooo.. Monday! Month 6 start! (Week 21, -44lbs)

Things have been all over the place lately. I've been doing pretty well with my food, and I haven't skipped any exercises. I'm still working hard. What the scale does is something entirely differeht, though. :P I wanted to celebrate my -45 milestone this week, but I've put 1 lb back on since I hit that marker, so I can't say I'm there yet. I've been getting some good strength workouts in, and that's caused some muscle soreness. The related inflammation is making me hold onto some water, so I know it'll come off within the next day or two.

It's definitely slowed down, though. I'm getting kind of paranoid that I might be hitting another plateau, but I can't say for certain yet. I've had a week where I didnt' lose anything, then I lost 2 lbs, then I put a pound on, etc. It's been a bit of a roller coaster. All I can do is keep on going, though. I imagine some of this has got to be due to con stress anyway!

Even so, I had a few days earlier this week where I just wanted to quit. I was getting so tired and weary. Some days, it's nothing, but other days it just feels so overwhelming and tedious.. having to exercise every day, having to watch what I eat like a hawk, etc. Some days I just want to do nothing and binge on everything. I haven't given in to that. There may have been a day where I just hugged Matt and cried about haagen dazs, godiva, and chili cheese fries, though >..> The dumb thing is.. all the stuff I was whining about are things I was not craving. If I crave something that badly, I work it into my calories for the day and I eat it! If anything, I should be more upset about the bottle of champagne that's been in my fridge forever. I was going to have the most awesome mimosa party ever with this set of mimosa mixers and snacks, but I can't really do that now. I can't have parties T..T GAH. This mindset is not good! I need to remember WHY I can't do that. Because a mimosa party+ cheese+ crackers+ sausge would = all my calories for the day. And I prefer NOT to have mimosa party because I want to eat real food throughout the day! (But that doesn't make me feel any better.. lol)


I still don't have any new pics for you guys, but I can tell you that I've been sewing my ass off. I spent all yesterday working on stuff. I'm not done, though. :( I'm hoping to have it all done and packed by 10pm Weds, since I have to leave the house at like 5AM for my flight. I can't make a pack list yet. That's jumping too far ahead of myself!

My calves are super sore today, so I might have to skip the bike. I only ever skip workouts when the muscle soreness is so bad that I worry about injury. If I do skip, though, you'd better belive I'm spending all day working on my costume again!

Edit: OH! I almost forgot! I got my bloodwork in from the doc, and it's looking good. I'm just a little high on all my numbers (including the "good"cholesterol, which is great. But, I'm a woman. Women tend to have higher HDL anyway). The doc said it's all pretty normal, though, and everything is within acceptable ranges. I'm going to work on getting it lower as I lose weight. I'm really happy that my triglycerides are normal now, though, and not sky high like they were a few years ago. But hey, I'm healthy! I'm also a pretty happy person overall (especially lately), and I want for nothing in this world. Except maybe another week to work on costumes >..< Off I go!
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