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I still have some left over! I shouldn't have bothered buying those extra ones in OK. I had just the right ammount with the ones I got from all over the country! lol It looks so much better with the front panel sewn on now, though. It just leaves the ruffled strap thing on the tunic, the sky blue ties on the wrists, the quiver& the boot work left. Getting there slowly! Also.. I think I'm going to have to cut those leggings into shorts to make the garter belt work for the boots, but I'll worry about that a little later. I don't want to think about how I only have 5 full days left to work on it >..< Though, if by some freak of nature, I finish with like 2 days to spare, it would be one of the only times I've ever finished all my costume stuff early. That would be nice. I need to get up and out of the house at like 5AM for my flight on Thurs. UGH It means I pretty much need to be fully packed with clothes set out and no procrastinating. Flight leaves at 6, boards at 5:30.. I'd better be there by 5:15, which means leaving the house at 5AM. Ugh. At least security lines are short in Waco! (Though, because of that, they ALWAYS get bored and go through your bags. They'll have fun with mine since I'll have a ton of random cosplay crap in thar)


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