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So.. I spent all yesterday painting around the applique. 100x better than satin stitch, yo! I don't trust my machine on this fabric! It's been awful!

I also bought a pair of pinking shears (All scissors-related things were 30% off last weekend). I got some gingher pinking shears and some fancy fiskars sewing scissors for like 45 bucks. I was sad I couldn't use my 50% off coupon, but it's ok. The fiskars are tiny little things, because I realized after a few hours of hacking away at the scalloped curves with my full-sized ginghers... I really needed something smaller for clipping curves! Something with a smaller blade and more control in tight places. Yeah.

Anyway.. Got the entire inside of that costume pinked to hell now, so that fabric shouldn't be going anywhere. I may douse it with fray check before I decide to wash it, but I'm soooo done sewing on that purple. The pinking shears were awesome.

All I have left on it now is to finish the collar of the capelet by either attaching a collar/neckband, or just facing it.. or something. I don't know. I need to finish it and attach leaves, and I'm pretty much done.

Then it's all Natalia! 10 days of Natalia or bust! 10 days of Natalia or... I wear Tellah in the heat? lol. No.

I was very happy to discover that ALLLLLL the costume shoes I thought I threw our were still in the closet! I thought I could ditch them all and be happy about it, but apparently I didn't toss any of them, and just thought I did. I kept thinking "Oh, I could wear Tsunade, but I threw away the shoes" Nope... stll have them! Or "I wish I hadn't thrown away the bloodberry heels.. I could probably have the broken spike repaired down the street..." Still have them! I also thought I threw away the brown suede-covered abominations I wore with Chacha/ Bulletta/ Norn (Threw those costumes out), and the WC slippers for Izumi. I gave away the bolero for Izumi, and I think I just threw away the top.. maybe not. ANYWAY! I have ALL THE SHOES! Part of me is angry with myself for being a hoarder, but the other part is happy because I might still wear Norn and Tsunade agan. The top I made for Izumi was kind of an abomination, but now that I've lost weight, I can take in the tailoring mistakes and fix it if I want. I will need a wig now, though, since my hair is too short to put into a bun for the hair peice. Whoops!

I really do want to re-make the hanten for Tsunade now, though. I don't know where the fuck I found it, but apparently my Rita Mordio costume has the perfect color of green bottomweight. Where was that when I was trying to make the Tsunade jacket??? Anyway... If I can get some of that again, I can re-make the jacket with that. I was trying to avoid quilting cotton at all costs, which was why I went with an ill-colored suiting. I would re-make it now, though, if I were ever to wear it again.

Oh yeah.. weight loss stuff.

I'm still working on it! This was going to be my weekly "I haven't quit yet" post but instead jabbered on about sewing and shoes :P I am still limiting my daily caloric intake as well as exercising x6 a week. I didn't really lose any weight this week. Well, I did, but it was not much. I hovered and gained throughout the whole week, and then dropped down by today for a net loss of like -.4 It could have been worse. I would love to lose 2 more pounds by D*C. All I can do is to keep doing what I'm doing and have faith the plan will work. I had that awful plateau about a month and a half ago that lasted 3 weeks or so.. and I'm definitely not in that place anymore. The scale has been moving steadily every day. Just sometimes.. it goes up :P

I think I had a storm of high sodium, low water intake, hormones, and muscle inflammation that cause the steady gain this week. It would also explain why I dropped that water weight and a little more today.. when I am no longer sore, drank plenty of water yesterday, and didn't eat a ton of salty crap :P

So yeah, everything is going fine on that front. I was really frustrated, because I thought this week would be a no-loss week, but my body pulled through in the end. yay! :P It was especially bad yesterday, since I was taking my rest day and didn't work out. Since I didn't have that hunger supressant in the morning, all I wanted to do all day was snack, and I had a really hard time keeping my food under control all day. I ended the day about 100 cal over, which isn't too bad overall. I have noticed a trend of me staying more around 1500 and less around 1400. I think it's because after I cycle from a high calorie day back to low cal days, it's really hard to keep my appetite under control. I guess that means the calorie cycling is working :P I'm keeping a close eye on things, though, because there is such a thing as too few calories.

It is absolutely unhealthy for a normal woman to eat less than 1200 cal/day. I won't ever cut below 1200 cal. Eventually, I'm going to have to move my 1400-1500 range down to 1300-1400, or maybe even 1200-1300, but I'm not quite there yet. I have managed to get my RDI down to 2k cal when exercising, though, which is awesome. I think my RDI w/ exercise 5 days a week in maintenance wil be around 1800. I am so looking forward to maintenance :P But.. 2000 RDI with moderate exercise means I need to make a 500 cal deficit to lose 1-2 lbs a week healthily, so I really can't have more than 1500 on a regular basis, or things will slow down more. As long as I'm not eating too few and going into starvation, it should be ok. I think my food is right where it needs to be, and calorie cycling is helping despite how tough it can be sometimes.

So there's the weekly fitness report :P I am hoping that I can pick up my newly resized wedding ring by the end of the week. If not, maybe Mon of next week. I've been enjoying the placeholder rings, but they twist a bit. They may be 7s. I am really excited to see how the resized ring fits! And I'm also excited about the professional cleaning :P I always get excited about that. It looks so much better when they do it. Me+ jewelry cleaner= not as good a result. I mean, it comes out looking shiny, but they're able to do a much better job!

My goals for this week are simple: Get costumes done, don't overeat, keep exercise up. Because.. Dragon*Con is going to be an entirely different ballgame! I won't be working out while I am there, but I will be walking a lot. I will bring my ipad and track my food as best I can, but I'm giving myself permission to cut loose and order whatever I want at restaurants. I plan to bring lots of jerky/ protein bars/ etc to eat throughout the day so I don't succumb to con pizza or anything like that. I don't eat a lot at conventions anyway..

But I am looking forward to my first con pictures where I am not fatter than the previous year! Ever since I started going to Animefest, I'd look at the pics and think, "wow, I've gained weight since last year. I should really do something about that!" and not really do anything. Now I am doing something, and I am determined that Rita will look way better than the last time I wore her! (I've also lost almost 5 lbs since I resized it.. so shit, I hope the obi still fits -..-)
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