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If they asked what happened to me, I died making scallops

It's getting so close to being done! I need to do a better jurb of remembering to iron it before I toss it on the dressform, though.

Purple Princess To-Do:

~Paint borders around the applique'ed dots on both dress hems
~Finish capelet collar
~Attach leaves to capelet collar
~Add closures to capelet
~Find some damn shoes srslsy
~Cut head& fingerholes in top tights


After that, I will have to stop slacking on Natalia and work on finishing the tunic, quiver, and make the boots. I was much more excited about the boots initially. Now the dread of making the weird tunic neck band strap thing has outweighed any other excitement I had :P I will not post a new Natalia list yet, because it is very long. Lots to do yet on that costume, and no single garment is complete. The closest is the blouse, but I still need to make the light blue wrist ties and sew those on the cuffs.

More than likely, I'll end up working on Natalia today while paint on the Adventure Time dress dries. I think it's coming out pretty well, though. I seriously don't feel like sewing on that awful taffeta anymore, though, so I think I'm going to take my 50% off coupon down to Jo Ann's and buy a nice pair of pinking shears. Though, knowing them, the coupon won't work on the shears T..T We'll see. I should buy a pair of shears anyway.

Aaaaand... Because the internet needs more pictures of cats...


The only way to capture the "essence" of Senpu is to catch him in a good mood, without flash. Flash only shows his evil side :P Unfortunately, it takes a much steadier hand to get a sharp photo without flash, so all the pics I took of him yesterday were a little blurry. I am not a skilled photographer :P

He likes to lay all over my exercise area so I end up stepping on him when I do lunges. I am deathly afraid of dropping weights on him, but he loves scooting around that rug sideways for some reason....


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