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Still no new garment photos, ack!

I've been super busy this week! Highlights of a few days ago:

~Went to Doc for physical, I am definitely a solid mass of human!
~Got blood drawn. Waiting for results!
~Sat at tire shop. Had an entirely new screw in the same tire that leaked last year! Discount tire patched it for free. Yay!
~Slipped a workout in between tire shop and hair cut
~Got hair cut REALLY short for con. I am no longer afraid of short haircuts. Just stacking in the back.
~Went to mall to have ring inspected, as per warranty. My wedding ring had some loose stones, and had to be sent in :( Since we have the lifetime warranty on it, however, re-sizing is free. Because of this, I decided to have it re-sized! I WENT DOWN AN ENTIRE RING SIZE WTF!

My wedding ring was a size 7 1/2. I've bought a few costume rings over the years, and normally get 7s... so I figured the ring only needed to go down to a 7. Nope! 6 1/2! I can't remember my finger ever being that small, so I lost all my weight there first, apparently :P As a placeholder, I'm wearing some pretty gold stacking rings with lots of little diamonds and rubies in them. They were a HS graduation present from my mom, if I remember correctly. Stacked together, they are about the same width as my wedding band, so it feels right. They are.. the perfect size right now! lol

Oh! I also got some new funky vibram shoes. I love the 5 fingers. Yeah, they look really odd, but they are so comfy! I love being barefoot anyway, and getting to be "barefoot" with a good sole is an added bonus. They are usually a little pricy, but I got this second pair on clearance, so I could deal with the weird color.

I'm starting to freak out about how little time I have left to finish these two costumes. Neither are THAT complicated, and I'm not going to bother lining anything. I'll finish the seams on the inside. It would be better if I had a serger. It'll take longer this way, which is bad, but at this point, I'm just trying to get something wearable. I've decided on how I'm going to finish the hem on Purple Princess. I was tossing around a few ideas in my head for a long time on getting the petals just so. I know now what I want to do. I just have to get it done.

I've also been playing with the makeup every day to ty to get the colors to match a little better. No success so far. It just keeps getting more and more... Tim Burton. But hell.. I like Tim Burton and this costume has striped arms and legs, so whatever XD It will be sorted out by the convention!

Here's a pic of the last makeup attempt. It's only notable because the hair piece looks a lot better since my real hair was trimmed! It completely changes the shape of my head. Yeah, this will work out just finn fine! It looks like I need to remember to bring a pencil to fill in my eyebrows, though. They need to be a little bit bolder, so crayoning a line in there should help with that.


Oh yeah.. I should also mention that I had my first convention nightmare of the season last night :P I had a dream that Makoto txted me and said the photoshoot was actually THIS Friday, and we were all supposed to meet before the convention. I didn't have anything done, and I was going to horribly dissappoint everyone! I'd been pouring all my time and effort into a Diablo III Witch Doctor costume, and then my mom made one that was better than mine! I know, it was a completely rediculous dream. No one will be dissappointed in me if I don't finish, and mom is never going to go heavy on the spray tanner and show up at a convention mostly naked wearing a huge feather headdress XD I guess I'm just really feeling the time crunch!


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