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Doctor's office and stuff!

My hairpeice came in yesterday! lol! I ordere a chunk of hair from China. It's not a wig or anything. It's clip on bangs! I wanted pointy bangs for that Purple Princess costume, and I wasn't willing to cut my hair into bangs. Also, it would be way thicker if I just ordered a hairpeice. The results are hilarious. I freaked out Matt when he came home, and any picture I tried to take ended up reminding me of my fat goth days at highschool. This costume is going to be epic. I don't like the makeup test, though. The eyeshadow is from that Sugarpill palette I ordered. It's nice and bright, but like Dollypop, it stains the face for a little while even after you get it all wiped off with makeup remover. Also, I am having problems getting it to look "round" when you see the pic, you'll understand. When I think it looks round on my face, it looks boxy in the photo. So, I think I need to bring it up a little on the top.. in a little on the sides, and down a little more and I'll have it. I'd also like to get the lips to match, but I only have one purple eyeliner crayon. It smudges kind of easily, so after I put it on, I packed the same eyeshadow onto the lips. It helped lighten it up, but not by that much. I nave a NYX eye crayon in a lighter purple that may hold the shadow better, and I plan to try that. Then again, the answer could be to blend a little darker purple or black into the eyes. I'll have to play with it to try and get it right. I play with costume makeup every morning after my workout, since I hop in the shower right after that :P

I also tried to do the bright pink cartoony blush, but it looked really dumb, so I wiped it off.
The whole thing looks way better in natural light, but it's still really goofy.

Oh! And I am getting my hair cut today for the con. I was going to wait a little bit longer, but it's hard to get in with my dude, so I was shocked he had something available for today. After I get it trimmed shorter, the hair peice should blend in a little better, and I should have an easier time trying to curl the tips towards my face. The color isn't a perfect match, but it's close enough considering I was trying to match my hair to one of 4 color choices on a computer screen! I may dye it a little darker with some grocery store dye. I've kind of always wanted to try black, but everyone yells NOOOOOOOO whenever I mention it, so I may just go darker brown. The master bath doesn't have enough dye all over it anyway.



I wasn't fasting yesterday for the visit because the appointment was at 2, so I had to schedule a time to come in this morning. You can't eat within 10 hrs of the bloodwork, which is harder than I thought. I'm starting to wonder if my other numbers back in the day didnt' get messed up, because I'd go in at like 8AM and they just told me not to eat after midnight. Maybe that's why my triglyceride numbers were so elevated when everything else was normal.. I dunno. Anyway. I figured it would be cake today. I stop eating quite early in the evenings now. The hard part is not reaching for that protein shake first thing in the morning! So.. I'm sitting here waiting until around 8 or so just to cover my bases, thinking about how I want breakfast. The cats want breakfast too, but I'm not feeding them for a little bit longer :P

A lot of the little inconveniences I've been experiences turned out to be from the weight loss.
TMI section!!!!!!

Everything down south has been acting differently. The weight loss has made my cycle irregular. When I was gaining, I had to swap to a different birth control. I was gaining slowly over the last few years, so it didn't even occur to me that my weight would have been a factor in how that stuff worked. Well, now that I'm loosing, it's acting squirrely again. It's not as bad as before, where it was like 2 weeks of WTF IS GOING ON, so it's ok. The doc says everything should normalize when my weight stabilizes where I want it. So.. by my appointment next year, I'll know whether or not I need to switch pills again :P

The random problems I've been having with my bowls have been because of this, too. Since I'm not eating such a vast quantity of food, I have to be careful to balance my meals a little better. He said I've probably disturbed the balance of flora in my gut. The best thing I can do is remember to have some yogurt a few times a week and try to cram even more fruits& veggies into my daily calorie allotment. I ate a ton of watermelon and a nectarine yesterday :P He said if things are intolerable, I can try taking acidophilus, which I guess is over by the vitamins. I'ma try the Jaimie Lee Curtis poop yogurt first and see if that evens things out.

Oh, and the best part of the doc visit? Getting weighed!! The nurses are like crack carnival weight guessers. They know where to put the weights before you even get on! They will always guess within 10 lbs of what you are! So, when I hopped on the scale.. she went to the 190's first! :X She didn't start at the 200s! Awesome!

Don't worry miss nurse.. I'll get there soon!

This new doc seems pretty laid back about everything. Remember last time I went and I seemed kind of annoyed b/c of an "eh whatever" attitude I thought I was getting out of him? Well, I really misjudged him. Yeah, he's got a long explanation for every little thing, but he doesn't seem that concerned about putting me on heart medication, so he's ok by me XD lol. He doesn't think anything abnormal will come back from the bloodwork, and I agree with him. I'd still like to know where I stand though, so he's cool with me getting the lipid panel done.

Today.. I'm going to be running around all over the place. I get blood drawn in about 45 min, then I have to come home and have a shake, try to get my hour long core disc in, and shower. I tried to do the core workout yesterday and stopped like 15 min in thinking "WTF, I'm supposed to do the bike today!" so I swapped and did my 30 min on the bike. I got extra extercise in! But that means I have to do the core disc today, and I kind of hate that thing. ANYWAY.. after I get all that done, I have my haircut at 2pm. After that's done, though, I should have all afternoon to play Tales of Vesperia sew stuff. I'm getting really close to the end of part 2 of vesperia. I think I have like 50 hours on that game now. Once you get that much time in, you really just want to keep playing, but I'm running out of time on these costumes.

I was thinking about sewing hairclips into the purple princess hat. IT stays on really well with bobby pins, so I may just have to paint some bobby pins yellow and go that route. I don't know how hair clips will work since the hat sits on the middle of my head and the hairpeice for the bangs also sits in the middle. If I used clips, and managed to get them to work, I'd have to try to starch the petals of the hat down, because they stick straight out on their own. I should have put some wire in there, too! (There's only wire in the middle to get it to curve down. I thought the petals would follow, but they don't)

Anyway.. I have a crapton more sewing to do anyway! I can't be thinking about these little prop things when I have to look forward to sewing over 2 dozen buttons soon! XD I thought I had some more sew-in heavy duty interfacing around here, but I can't find any. I wanted to use it on the center thing with the million buttons to keep it from puckering. I have the car today, though, and a 40% off coupon, so I might go and pick up a ton and try to get more work on the tunic done this afternoon, and not play videogames >..>


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