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Oh hey, it's Monday! (Month 5, Week 19: -43)

Still at it! Some days are harder than others. There are still many, many mornings when I roll out of bed and procrastinate forever on getting my exercise in, but I haven't skipped any days because of that. Considering we're getting closer and closer to the 6 month mark, it's amazing that I haven't crapped out on exercise. I HAVE missed days, but it's usually due to being out of town. Sometimes illness or soreness, but that's much less common. There are also bad days where I feel like I want to eat everything in the house, but I combat those as best I can with beef jerky, mini clif bars, or protein shakes. It all usually works really well!

Last week was particularly bad for food, though, and it was because I went out a time or two too many with freinds. One day, I was out all day with a freind in town and decided that day would be my high-cal day for the week. It turned out to be a crazy day where I ate MORE than my maintenance level, which hasn't happened since I started all this. Usually my high cal days are still under maintenance, or occassionally at it. I didn't beat myself up over it, though, because I figured I could just rein it in the rest of the week. Instead, I went out with my brother and ate half a med pizza at Topping World(Poppa Rollo's) and drank half a pitcher of beer. With a lot of hard work (and water) I managed to end the day at only 100-200 cal over my goal, so it technically wasn't that bad of a day, but I didn't like where it was heading. I just can't drink a bunch of beer anymore if I want this to be successful. I ended up giving Ray almost all the liquor left in the house, but he didn't want to take my girly beers. I have.. a very small bottle of tequila, used for cooking.. a bottle of peach schnapps, a few raspberry hefewizens, and some honeycrisp ciders left. Oh.. and an apricot beer that's REALLY old and I should probably just toss. I drank the other 5, just not the last one! Poor beer.

In fact.. I should probably toss the raspberry hefes, too.. since all that stuff was purchased well before I started this, and that means they're over 5 months old. Probably not so fresh.

I've thought about cleaning out some of the other cabinets too, because I'm not sure if there's older stuff in there or not anymore. I cleaned it out pretty well a few months ago, but there may be more now that I realize I don't eat anymore.

Instead, I've been having a lot more fun on safari in my closet. I donated a lot of the smaller stuff to Goodwill years ago. I wasn't in denial. I knew it didn't fit, and it didn't belong in the closet if I couldn't wear it. Also... if I were to get to the size where some of that stuff fit, I'd want to get things a little more modern and fashionable anyway! I mean hell, the smallest stuff dates back to senior year highschool/ freshman college. There was no reason to hang on to that stuff! Apparently I saved one or two peices, though. I have a black lace dress mom made for hersef for a concert a long time ago. I asked her if I could have it, and wore it to be goth for a while. She made it, so I didn't toss it. I also have a dress from Xpress or whatever the hell that preppy place is called. It's kinda nice, but it's quite small. I think I'll hang on to it now, because I don't know where I'll end up and I might wear it again.

There are some things that I found that are too small, but I think are kinda uggo, so I'll probably make a goodwill bag pretty soon. Honestly, I thought I'd gotten rid of all the smaller stuff, so I was surprised to see 4-5 tops in the closet that I thought I'd donated already.

I also have stuff that's too big now! I purged a lot of T-shirts last month, and threw away anything with a hole in it. It got rid of a bunch, but I still have too many. I'm thinking about making a T-quilt. I've seen them on craft sites. I can take any of the shirts with nice designs that aren't all worn out, cut squares, and make a blanket. That'll thin out my shirts even more, and give me some more room in my dresser.

Today, I'm going to the doc for my annual checkup. I'm going to ask him to refer me to the lab for bloodwork. We didn't do it last time, and I'm really curious to see where I'm at now. The first time I received bad bloodwork (back in 2009 I guess?), I was able to kick it in the ass and get the triglycerides under control, and never had to go on medication. Even then, I wasn't doing as well as I am now, so I expect awesome bloodwork. I do remember one of the times I was checked, I'd been working really hard and the numbers went UP, though... so we'll see. I need to try to go in without expectations and be pleasantly surprised... but I'm expecting awesome results, so that won't work.

This will be the second year of being with the new doc, though, so we'll see how things go. Last year, he seemed pretty nonchalant about everything. I think that's why I didn't have bloodwork last year. He was convinced the reason why my fingernails have been having so many problems the last few years was lack of multivitamin. Well, I've been taking a multi every day for the lst 5 months now, and they still split and crack and chip! I wonder how long it takes a nail to grow from the bed to the tip... maybe I'm still working through unhealthy nail...'

Anyway! Fitness ho! I need to get my disc done early so I won't be pressed for time before the appointment!

Also.. my wedding ring keeps falling off. I don't know what to do. I can either wrap a bunch of tape around it and wait a few more months to get it resized, or resize it now and potentially have to resize it again in 6 months. argh.

Anyway, I've rambled along enough about all this. I think I'll LJ cut this week since it went on a bit longer than I planned. Slowly getting closer to the -50 mark!

Also- I got 15 min into my core disc and remembered today is supposed to be a bike day! Whoops! Time to go to the bike. Gonna do the full 30 min anyway, so that 15 min of core was just an added bonus :P
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