HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Someone was whining about wanting pics!

I really don't have a lot more done, but the Natalia tunic is about the right length, so I put the bias tape on the bottom to "hem" it. I need to take it in at the top... It's nice and snug at the waist, nice and loose at the hips, but a bit loose in the bust. I'll probably take it in just a little more and then leave it. This isn't going to be super accurate, because I picked a pattern that wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it'll work. I also pinned some arshtat scraps to the neck. I'll make the jabbot later :P

So.. To-Do list!


Sew buttons on shirt. That's it!

Take in sides
Make collar.. band... thing
Make ruffles for evil collar thing
Finish insides
Make front placard
Sew MILLIONS OF BUTTONS onto front placard

EVERYTHING! I have the base shoes, but I need to make the boot covers


Make straps
Make bottom
Add decorative trim!

Added photo bonus: Purple princess hat on top of the Natalia wig. It is silly! I am thinking about attacking the leaf with just a little bit of light green paint down the center and around the edges.



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