HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Machine is back!

They called the house this morning and were all like "You said you needed this thing badly. We thought you were going to pick it up today. Come get your machine WTF"


Well.. lol. They told me I'd be lucky if I got it by next Thurs when I dropped it off, and that I should just wait for them to call the house.


Got my machine back, and it sounds so great. I never really notice it until it comes back, but when he's done tuning it and oiling it, my little machine purrs so nicely! I've been... very paranoid. I can't afford to throw it off again, so I just have to be careful, not try to feed 100000 layers through it (no, not even with a denim needle!) and take it slow and easy. I finished the blouse today, sans wrist ties and buttons. I got the buttonholes done, though, and I plan to stitch the buttons on a little later tonight.

Another cosplay freind mailed me more buttons. XD I have maybe 4 extra cards now! I knew I'd have buttons coming out the wazoo, so I plan to add an extra row or two to the tunic, and I can now afford to use matching buttons on the blouse! This is awesome! I feel like... I should turn some of these extra buttons into some weird sort of cosplay souvegnier or solidarity badge or something. lol. Everyone came together to make sure there were enough! It was awesome.

Anyway... I'm working on the tunic for now. I'll finish the shirt when I get to a good part in a movie and want to sit in front of the TV. (I forgot I was on that 80's binge, and tonight's been Finding Nemo, and A Bug's Life so far. Maybe Legend after this. I mean.. he may be kinda crazy, but I do love me some Tom Cruise...)

Anyway.. sewing machine! This also means I can finish the straps to my quiver. I'm actually kind of worried about the weight on this thing + my luggage. I'm thinking that I'll check the big suitcase and maybe bring the carry on duffel too. I'm not sure what I'll need yet. We'll see!

Back to the machine!


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