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NUGGET! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

See that Nugget? I must resort to wacky Japanese emoticons because >:O or D:< cannot adequately convey my displeasure with you!

Day 2 of waking up and finding my clivia plant uprooted, on the floor, with chew marks. I don't get it! Grandma gave me two when I visited Wisconsin last July. I got Nugget.. sometime right after that. She never touched this one. When we'd leave the house for like 3-4 days, I'd sometimes find the one next to the sink in some wacky part of the house, and I could never figure out what cat was doing it. I put that one outside once it got warm to see how it would do. It dissappeared. -..- (I'm pretty sure some other dumb cat pulled it out and ran off with it)

The second one has sat happily in the corner on my bird table for months, untouched! Until very recently that is...

Last month, I found it uprooted with a bite mark in it. I re-planted it, and it seemed to be doing well. I figured it was Nugget, since she's always trying to get up on the widowsill next to that table, and Senpu pretty much leaves that area alone.

Then nothing! For quite a while!

And the last two days? Found it on the floor again -..-

We bought a spikey chair mat and cut it into strips. She doesn't like it, so she jumps up there, steals the plant, and runs off.

So today? I wrapped the whole planter in chicken wire that rises up a good two feet. Bwahahah! Your move, bad cat!

(No one is going to care if I hotlink from Altavista, right? I'm surprised they are still around! lol)


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