HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Oh LJ, you are so nostalgic!

I couldn't remember when the hell it was my youngest brother got married, so I figured LJ would tell me! Unfortunately, I just kind of dithered around in the archives without actually finding the posts where I talked about how nuts he was for wanting to get married in Minnesota in.. uh.. Dec? Jan? Pretty sure it was Jan...

Anyway... I ended up running into my costume drama with Tellah! That was so much fun! A little time machine... Then I found a link to a freind's Afest gallery. Sadly, these pics were before I got that fantastic latex nose...

But man! If D*C was in a cooler month, I'd be tempted to fix up the Tellah collar, spruce up the wig, and bring that! We had so much fun. Labor day weekend in the south though? No freakin' way. That coat is way too hot! (Then again, it's not like we ever go anywhere at a time where that coat WOULDN'T be hot... but I'm only planning 1 costume per day, sorry Tellah!)

Edit: Also, Nugget is a very bad kitty! This is the second time I've found my only remaining Clivia plant uprooted and on the rug across the room. Each time, there's more and more bite marks in the one big leaf :( I think this tiny little plant never had a chance in my house. She already murdered the first one, but this one seemed to keep hanging on! I don't know how much more of this it can take, though. It took so long to grow a second leaf! And I thought I saw a bud of a 3rd leaf, but it's dead and brown already. I'm just going to keep re-potting it and hoping for the best. We've put up spike strips around it in hopes we can keep that little shit away. We read about this on another site somehwere. We took a rolling office chair mat and cut it into strips, spikes up, and put them on the windowsill. She's very confused and unhappy about it. It may be why she tried to eat my plant again! lol She has cat perches up by the windows.. I don't know why she keeps going for my baby clivia plant :(

ALSO!!!! I almost forgot! I need to pre-order the new B-T album! They left their label a few months back and formed a new one. This will be the first album under the new, self-controlled label! Here's the first single, Miss Take

I dunno... I like what I hear! These guys just keep getting better and better.


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