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Month 5, week 18: 40 lbs lost!!!

40 lbs... That's a pretty good milestone! Things are still going. Sme days are better than others, but overall I still have a positive attitude towards it all, and I am usually pretty optimistic. I had a bad food day yesterday, but it's not the end of the world.

I went spelunking in the closet to celebrate, and gauge where I am now compared to various milestones over the past few years. I wanted to do it with costumes, but I just don't have that costume timeline anymore. So instead, here are a few random bullet points.

* I was married in 2003. I didn't weigh myself back then, so I have no idea what my weight was. I am not yet at my marriage weight, but I am really close! I tried on a blouse I wore to the groom's dinner. I was able to close it all the way up, but it buckles at the chest, so not there yet... But really close!

* I own a size 11/12 dress from Express. WTF LOL. It'll be a while :p

* definitely way smaller than I was at my youngest brother's wedding... Both the blouse I made and the David Bowie button down I altered are too big. I can't really modify the vogue top, but I can take in the button down a bit more.

* much smaller than I was for our wedding anniversary in San Antonio. That cocktail dress looks amazing!

* officially a size 16... Down from 18. I also bought my second pair of size 14 jeans. They stretch, so you always go down one size there.. It hey! 14s!

I think in a month or two, it may be time to re-evaluate my calorie intake. I'll have to see where I am vs what I'm burning, and see if it's time to restrict my range by another 100 cal or not. I think maybe the extra workout times from the DVDs are helping keep the deficit where it needs to be, so I my be ok.

I am up a pound or two of water weight today.(boo!). I had a ally great workout on Sat, and my calves have been killing me the last two days. I'm not injured, just a bit sore and stiff. I skipped the bike today because I disn't want to risk injury to the calves. Tomorrow, I will be doing the core DVD.. It's a bit of weights, but a lot of aerobic type stuff. Maybe some squats? Even if the legs are still sore, it'll be a good workout. The legs disc isn't until sat again anyway.

In costume news... Working on props. I threw the timing off on the sewing machine, so I'm taking the time to cut the next patterns out and make props. All my leaves for Purple princess are cut out and glued to floral wire. I'll probably get the hat made tomorrow. I'm also about halfway done with the quiver for Natalia. The PVC was a little heavier than I wanted, but it won't be bad to carry. I'm more concerned out my luggage weight currently. :P. I still haven't figured out what shoes to wear w/purple princess yet, but I'm not too worried about it.

This week: hopefully get machine back... Might not have it until next week. If not, get Natalia's tunic cut out, cut out purple princess, maybe get Natalia's boots started....get cosplay suitcase started& try on Rita one more time to make sure I have all the parts, etc. little things that have to get done anyway! OOH! Also, guess what? I'm buying a ruffled foot! Making that bit of ruffle for Natalia's collar was frustrating and time consuming. The Bernina lady promises that the ruffled foot has 3 different size settings and they are all box pleat ruffles, so I'm thrilled already :P. damn thing is kind of expensive, but it'll be worth it in the long run.

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