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04 August 2012 @ 10:47 am
Oh yeah! The sewing project...  
I took a picture and uploadeded it, but forgot to add it to my post! I was too distracted by drag Wilson Phillips. I should have the finishing work on it done today, then I'll get to work on boots or the tunic. It's pretty plain so far, but it'll look more interesting with the wrist ties and jabbot. I think I may end up with some extra buttons after they all trickle in, so I may use leftover tunic buttons for the collar and wrist bands. If not, I have some fancy looking gold buttons leftover somewhere that would look nice. It doesn't matter too much, since they'll be covered up anyway. Just like how it doesn't matter how I finish the bottom hem of this shirt, since it's getting tucked into leggings and covered up by a tunic. lol