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Sewing rant!

This is way harder than I remember it! Seriously!

I decided that for my first garment, I'd just make a shirt. I would even use a pattern! It is a simplicity pattern! It's a men's pattern, but I've used parts of it for a lot of costumes. I don't remember why I bought it. It's supposed to be an all-in-one vampire pattern with a cape, vest, shirt, and jabbot. I think I bought it for the poofy sleeved shirt? or maybe the vest? I've apparently made both before! I think it was for gogo.

Why didn't I use it when I needed multiple jabbots, though? I didn't know what to do for those and kind of just waded up a bunch of fabric and stay-stitched it. :X


I'm making the shirt pattern again. I need poofy sleeves for Natalia.. and this has poofy sleeves! I'm using some silky fabric that isn't as hard to work with as I thought it would be. I decided that since I haven't made anything in years, I'll actually follow the instructions on the pattern. I had to modify it a little bit, though. It includes ruffles on the cuffs.. don't want ruffles on the cuffs. I also didn't like the collar, and it needed ruffles. I figured all that out, but when it came to execution, it's all been fail!

It took me all freaking day to make enough box pleats to cover the collar. I systematically measured and cut looooong strips of fabric, ironed on some heat n' bond lite to the backs, folded them, ironed again, pleated, etch blahblahblah. Once I had a really long length of fabric, I thought I was good! I was pleating like crazy! Then I hit the end of the fabric and my neck ruffle was pathetically short. So.. more cutting, ironing, sewing, blahblahblah. Got it all put together, measured out, etc. Then I had to roll the hem for the edges. Did one, re-measured the collar, did the second, sewed everything together and it was YAY and all that.

Attached to shirt...

Inside out -..-

Seam ripped, threads cleaned up, re-pinned, etcetc (Did I mention the shirt has weird ass gathering in the back and front sides only?)


Realized I forgot to flip the collar around so it was essentially wrong-way in the front. Awesome rolled hems showing in the middle of my throat.

In the end.. fuck it! I'm going to have a jabbot covering part of the front, and I can't be buggered to fix the ruffle. It's probably not that visible. I tweeted a photo earlier.

I also double checked the reference art, and they aren't even really box pleats! It's just some wacky gathering that looks like maybe in another world they MIGHT be box pleats! I probably could have gotten away with just doubling the fabric over with no interfacing and gathering the crap out of it!

Screw you guys, I'm box pleating all this bitch!

I don't remember WTF my twitter is at all, but I'm sure there's a way for you people to find me XD

So.. all that work took most of the afternoon, and all I really did was attach a collar to a front& back. The side seams aren't sewn yet because the directions don't want me touching them yet. I still need to finish the collar seam, too. I think I'm doing sleeves next. Maybe after I finish the shirt, I'll work on boots. Maybe that will be more soothing! I have a strange feeling it's going to give me a lot of trouble too.

Damn you, Natalia! You're going to end up turning out like Shiina, where I thought it was going good, was way too much work, and ended up being awful! (The Tales of Symphonia costume really wasn't THAT awful, but I kind of hated it. That one got thrown away :X)

One thing is for certain, though. Whether or not the costume totally sucks, this fucking shirt is going to be washable and well-made! I'm totally finishing the inside seams and all that crap! I'm not cutting corners on it! And maybe after it's done, I'll make the jabbot and take some camwhore photos with my wig on! Eat that, Natalia!

Man, isn't it great to be working on a costume?


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