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This could be the start of a beautiful fall! (No, not really. Fall doesn't start in Tx until like Nov. :/ )

So.. after getting all these awesome alterations done on my Rita costume, I haven't worked on anything else! We went up to Oklahoma to see Matt's Mom.. came back.. I've been doing all sorts of things not related to costumes. It's like I decided to just skip the actual "starting a costume" part and skipped ahead straight to procrastinating!

It's ok, though, because I have full confidence that I will start the Natalia costume really soon. I still haven't been down to buy fabric for Purple Princess yet, but my hair peice and tights have shipped. I just need to ebay some cheap shoes that will work. I'm kind of torn between two used shoes on there right now. I can go retro purple cutouts or some kind of beat up looking sketchers. I'm pretty sure both are broken in, but the black sketchers are two-tone patent/suede looks, and have a rounded toe. The other ones are bright purple and silly looking, but they have a really pointy toe. I'm usually all for pointy toe, but I'm thinking maybe I should go rounded toe for this costume. Also, I've decided Purple Princess is going to be kind of flapper-ish, and the rounded toe would be better for that, too :X

I got my Natalia wig, gloves, leggings, shoes etc all in the mail on the same day. I love you, ebay! (Actually, the gloves& leggings came from We Love Colors, but they were ordered on the same day!)

The leggings are way darker than I thought they would be. I'm hoping the color will lighten up after I put them on and they stretch over my gargantuan thighs. It's supposed to be a charcoal grey, but they look flat out black. It wont' matter THAT much, since my absolute zone is very small in this costume. They're mostly there for modesty. I do think they are a lighter grey in the character art, but again.. I always mess up SOMETHING on color choice, and this one is ALL OVER THE PLACE on colors, so it's ok. I wasn't able to match a single color 100% perfectly on this thing, so I just did the best I could and went with it. Then I thought her boots were brown, but it turns out they're black. Oh well! XD I already bought brown heels, so I'm making the cuffs at the top brown too! I think it'll look ok. The brown will match the quiver anyway :P And really? There's a color problem in every single costume I make, and no one has ever once come up and busted me on it. Sometimes it's like Natalia, where I make brown boots that should have been black, or other times it's... like Natalia where none of the garment colors match quite right...

And other times it's like Natalia? Oh wait. XD

Other times, it's like every Final Fantasy costume ever, where I just make shit up and have people recognize it anyway. lol! Thinking about my awesome fake nose makes me want to wear Tellah again, but I seriously need to find a way to fix the collar! Suggestions welcome! (though I'm not sure where I'll wear Tellah again. It won't be for a long while anyway)

Oh! And Tania wants me to save GoGo so we can wear it together again. I want to toss it. We found a happy medium in which I tear it up and re-use much of the fabric for a Kefka costume. lawl. She still wants me to hang onto it so I can wear it with some other FF VI costume again, but it's in such bad shape! The best part about GoGo was that I just re-made the shoes for Tellah and kept wearing the new curled-toes with everything. I'll have to make new ankle boots for Kefka, since his are black ;( But, you know.. we've divvyed up all the costumes so we can do ALL OF FFVI and then photoshop ourselves together into one big group. BEST IDEA EVER

Before I get too over-zealous about making dumb costumes again, though, I really just need to start one new one. Hopefully today, I'll make Natalia's shirt! And if that gets done, I'll start blocking out the tunic and try to get that pattern sorted! I have a dress pattern with the right ammount of panels that I plan to modify. If I make it pretty fitted around the bust and waist, loose at the hips, I shouldn't need to put straps on it to make it stay up. Because goodness knows that weird band around the top wont' keep it up.. :X

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