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Month 5 start! (Week 17, -37 total so far)

Ugh. Last week I was all like "yay! The plateau is over" This week I'm all like "eww. It's back! Last week was a fluke!!)

There was pretty much no change in the scale this week. Actually, at one point in time, I thought I'd lost about 1/2 a lb, but it came back by weigh-in. I really miss the says where it just steadily went down at a predictable rate!

But yeah, this is my weekly "still at it! shit sucks, but I'm still doin' stuff" post.

I've been getting kind of flakey on my exercises. They are still getting done, but some days I don't do them until pretty late. For the most part, it's all still happening before noon. I've had one or two bad days where I don't get it started until 12:30 or 1, though. That kind of throws everything off for the rest of the day.

It's a vicious cycle! I stop seeing progress and slack a little. My slackness makes things worse, and I still see no progress, so I slack a little more.... That's how people fall off the wagon. I'm still trying to make it work, though. It feels like a daily struggle. I don't know anyone else that's really vocal about trying to get in shape that I can talk to, though. So, I put it here and feel crappy.

I feel like there are some days where I can see so many differences.. then some days where I look worse than where I started. For example! No matter how well I'm doing, the mirrors in my mother-in-law's bathroom always put on 25lbs. It's gotta be the lighting or something, but when I see myself in the mirrors in that house, it's like I haven't been doing anything at all! Sometimes all I see is how much farther I have to go, and I get really down about it. Other days, I feel like a supermodel, and feel so trim! (Even though I'm not. I'm still a bucket of lard that weighs over 200lbs) But hey! There are days I can feel good about that sometimes.

It's just so aggravating going a whole week and gaining when I've been working so hard at it. It really feels like my body's just going to do whatever it wants no matter what *I* do, which makes everything feel kind of pointless :P

I'm hoping for a much better week this week. Later today, I'll clean the fridge out and get rid of anything that's gone bad, like old produce or whatever. I'm going to hop on the bike here within the next 30 min or so and get today's cardio out of the way. I also hope to start cutting patterns today! That would be exciting! Maybe after my workout, I'll do some test makeup for my Adventure Time costume... that way I can wash it off with my post-workout shower. I have some great ideas for lip& eyes for this costume that I can't wait to try out! I may also head down to the fabric store and get the purple fabric for that costume, as well as (MAYBE!) green& orange fabric to re-make my Tsunade hanten. Wouldn't it be great if I had like 4-5 costumes in the closet that fit properly & that I was proud to wear?

I need to try on all of the Rita stuff all together and see how it looks. If I can get away with not taking in that red tunic thing, I won't, because I'm lazy. If it all looks ok together, I'm done with that one. Then I just have the two new ones for D*C. I think Natalia will go really quickly once I get the pattern peices cut out. The only thing that will probably give me a little trouble is the dropped collar/shoulder strap thing. It has some cutouts that get bias tape trim. The cutouts won't be a problem, because I'll just stick it to some heat n' bond and cut them out. Doing round circles with bias tape might be a little harder. I am determined to make it look awesome, though.

I'll probably get Natalia done before the Adventure Time costume. I don't know. I'll probably get excited about Adventure Time when my fake bangs& stripey leggings come in. I need to find some shoes for that costume, though. It seems like some low heel, black mary janes would look good with that. Or maybe a low heel purple pump. I don't want to buy more shoes, though, and I DEFINITELY don't want to have to break anything in for that one. I hate sore feet from new cosplay shoes. Call it nasty or whatever you want, but I gain much satisfaction from buying good-looking cosplay shoes used off ebay for like 5 bucks a pair :X Sometimes you just have to buy new... but used shoes off ebay have been my staple the past few years!

Anyway... Now I want to go work on costumes, but I need to get some laundry going and get my workout done. I only have a handful of clean underwear left! Must do laundry!


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