HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

La Mode Navy 3962 part 3! QUEST COMPLETE!

Ok! I needed a min of 18 buttons... 6 cards! I bought 3 at my Jo Ann's, and all of you awesome people have been scouring the countryside for me for more!

Status update time!

Makoto found 1 card for me at her local place

Tania found a sad yellowed card with 2 buttons on it in Atlanta! Some sad bastard stole one ;(

I am going to visit Mom2 in Oklahoma, so we're stooping in Norman to check a Jo Ann's on the way! I will let you all know if I've had any luck later today! :)

This whole button saga is awesome, though. I have such great freinds! But mostly, it's hilarious that I couldn't find them on eBay, in an online store, or any other reasonable way, and we have to scour the country like this! Hah!

Edit! Found the last of what I needed in Norman, Oklahoma! The bastards didn't have them on sale, but it's ok! All done guys! :D

Also: the radio is playing Flashdance, and I feel strangely triumphant :X


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