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I am spamming the LJ so much lately! :X

Ok, so I spent ALL DAY taking in that Rita obi. WTF. I guess it's a sign I'm slowly getting better at sewing stuff when I can't just pinch and baste to take something in anymore.

I found a trusty seamripper and managed to get all the snaps off with no problem. I had a hard time figuring out where to put the new hooks, though. I trimmed off about a quarter inch of the obi before deciding that the extra could just stay in the back. So, I closed that up (after having to seam rip the trim) and got the hooks on. When I put the first eye on, the obi totally fit over a T-shirt, and it was like 4 inches smaller, I swear. The downside was.. I forgot to test it with both the shirt and the tunic on. Whoops!

So the 4 inches became 2 inches, and I had to re-do the eye. I also spent a lot of time struggling with my sewing machine. I had to set it up on the pool table and use a pinball bar stool. I could just barely hit the foot pedal, so it was ok! Even with a denim needle, though, my machine kept losing stitches when trying to sew through the bajillion layers that is that belt.

But yeah.. ALL DAY, and I got it taken in, got the book loops moved, trim re-done, hooks& eyes in a decent place, etctec.

The shortest task was moving over a closure button on the under shirt by 2 inches :P I was thinking about installing another button higher up, since it would be covered by the tunic. I decided if I was really that unhappy with how it was closing, I'd just safety pin it later :X

So yeah! The only thing I didn't do was take in the tunic itself. When I looked inside, I noticed I'd gotten all fancy and done flat-felled seams on EVERYTHING, and it would be a ton of unpicking and crap to take in the little bit I kind of wanted to fix. I figured.. it's not THAT baggy, and as long as it doesn't look too wrinkly with the smaller obi over it, it'll be ok. I'll look into doing something with that closer to the con.

Tomorrow: I'm doing a dumb 1 hr long DVD for arms again.. or maybe it's core. I don't remember! But after that, I'm hitting up the farmer's market.. and then after that, I'm going to visit the mother-in-law! So.. I won't get to sew anything new until next week :( I know Purple Princess will go fast since the dresses aren't fitted, and I can just heat n' bond some spots to the front. It'll be fast and awesome. I think I will spend the most ammount of time on the leaves! I have to go to the store to buy fabric for that one yet. It's 9pm, so I can't do it now ;( Maybe tomorrow! I'm thinking.. I'm not even really going to worry too much about accuracy on this costume and get whatever purples look pretty. It may be crepe back satin and quilting cotton! Or even party taffeta!! No one knows! I do have my dumb coupon this time though :X

As for Natalia.. I'll probably get more excited about it when all the stuff I ordered for it comes in.. because I always have fun making shoes! I will have a lot of fun making the knee-highs for this costume! I didn't even have to go out and buy material, because I had all that leftover shiny white PVC from that Cornelia cape I never made! lololololol. I'ma totally use that. It's going to be... shiny. hah!


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