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La Mode Navy buttons style 3962 and.. Dragon*Con!

The amazing Makoto found me a card at her local Jo Ann's! I'm still looking for two more, but with hers, I totally have an even number now! That puts me in great shape already! I'm still waiting to hear back from my brother. He told me he'd check the two Austin ones earlier this afternoon, but I haven't heard from him.

EDIT: He just txted me back. He didn't go out to look :(

I gave it some thought when I was at the store, too.. I figured if I used 1 inch buttons instead of 3/4 inch, I could get away with using fewer.. but there still weren't enough of the larger ones. So, I sprung for accuracy! Why does she have to have so many, though?!? I counted roughly 18, but there could have very well been 20 or 22! They aren't even closing anything! Natalia, your buttons make no sense!

In other news...

I bought a plane ticket to Atlanta today. I'm going to go to Dragon*Con! I was not planning on going this year at all. I was thinking maybe next year. I figured if I was interested in cons again, I would start slow and go up to AFest for a day! However.. due to a chain reaction of events this morning, that became increasingly unlikely :P First of all, my brother bailed. We made plans to just go up for the day, but that's not going to happen anymore. So, I figured I'd ask K_T! She's... out of town for work :P Those were my top choices! I don't know anyone else coming up from Austin I can bum a ride with, so I gave up on that.

Second... AFest is in the Sheraton downtown this year! Blech! I hate that hotel SO SO MUCH. It's the A-kon hotel. I hated it when it was the Adam's Mark, and I hate it as the Sheraton. I hate trying to park downtown. I hate how hot it is during the summer, and I hate having to do things outside like crossing the street, outdoor photoshoots, carrying luggage.. did I mention parking? Everything at that location is miserable! So yeah.. another big turn off!

Well.. wait.. that's only two reasons. I guess that's it XD It was enough for me to consider just sitting on these materials until next year, or caving in to Tania's demands and going to D*C. The plane ticket wasn't as expensive as I thought it was going to be, though. Things fell into place pretty quickly after that.

So yeah! Now I have a con list for the first time in years! And really, let's not try to mince around the subject. I AM going to a con, and I AM thinking all about cosplay again just because I lost some weight. I let my weight keep me from doing something I loved because I did not like my body. Maybe that's cowardly. I know it's certainly not noble. I'm not afraid to address it, though. I still don't have what most people would consider an ideal body, but I am about down to where I was in like 2003-ish! And you know what? I had a lot more confidance back then! I totally think some of that was due to stubborn ignorance and naiviete, though. But that's ok, too. I'm going to keep working hard. Maybe by D*C, I'll be down another 6 lbs. That would put me over the 40lbs lost marker! We will see!

I'm going to continue to work hard at this fitness thing. I'm not going to make a ton of expensive and complicated costumes right now, though. If I continue to succeed, I'll just grow out of them. I CAN, however, take a few costumes in and make a few simple things. Natalia will adjust for at least another 25 lbs pretty nicely. I think I may also make a silly Adventure Time costume, because I haven't done a group with the girls in forever. We are still a group, right? :D I should man up and make something to contribute to it once every few years or so.

So OMG.. first con list in FOREVER!


*Remove old closures from obi
*trim length on obi
*attach super mega industrial hook-and-eyes

*move closure button on inner shirt over

*maybe try moving one of the inside ties over. (not needed)

*Try to take in the tunic by a few inches (feelin' kinda lazy)

That was an amazingly short list to make something con ready! zomgz!



*Go to dollar store and buy an awesome kid's bow& arrow with suction cup arrows. I will sport the comedy weapon!

*Hit up hardware store and see how feasible it would be to build a quiver out of PVC pipe

Purple Princess (Aaaaaadventure time!)

*order clip on bangs, because I'm too cheap to buy a wig!
*order x2 purple striped tights, because I'm too lazy to paint accurate ones!

*buy fabric for hat, leaves, and dress. This dress has no shape to it! It gets a petticoat! It should be easy!! It shall include a lot of felt!!!!


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