HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Ahhh... crap!

Got my Jo Ann's coupon in the email this morning. 20% off entire purchase :( Noooooooo

Why couldn't they have sent it yesterday morning!?!?

I also got a 40% off coupon for the online store, but who cares about that? I just want a sewing cabinet, and they won't let me use the coupon on that! Sewing cabinets (small ones) are like 400 bucks! (Incidentally, flying to Atlanta is also 400 bucks, and I'm 2,500 miles away from a ticket reward on my frequent flier account. bastards)

Today, I'm going to do the legs& back workout dvd, clean up some more of my cosplay mess in the bedroom, and think about starting that new costume. I ran into plenty of color problems, so I already know the colors will be off on it. I don't think it will be by much, though. My light blue doesn't quite have enough green in it. My dark blue/green doesn't quite have enough blue in it, and I had to go with a flat out dark blue bias tape for all the trim. I couldn't find a good quilting fabric color match. If I had found a good match there, I would have made my own bias tape by hand and covered buttons. Instead, I got bias tape, and bought buttons to match the tape. Then I realized I needed double the buttons that I picked up, and apparently the buttons (ON THE REGULAR SPINNER WITH NO SIGNAGE, NO LESS) were on clearance, and they aren't getting any more. Maybe I'll check the website and use my coupon on 3 more packs of buttons! lawl! Oh wait. They're clearing out all the La Mode buttons, and they aren't even on the website -..-

So there you go. I need three cards of La Mode navy buttons, Hook 1131/ Style 3962. If any of you are at the fabric store anytime soon, please look for me T..T They are regularly priced 3.00 a card, or 1$ per button (WTF), but I got each card for 50 cents. I'm sending my brother to check the two Austin stores today. I don't know about Round Rock. I'm not going to ask him to go up there XD

Edit: So hey, guess what? My brother bailed on me! He's still going to look for buttons, but he's not going to Afest. I'll ask around and see if anyone else wants to go, but if I have no ride, I'll have to consider plunking down the 400 bucks on a plane ticket to D*C.. or just save this fabric for later and not go anywhere this year. :(

Man, today is starting pretty shitty.
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