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OK, I'm a tard

I decided to make a whole new costume anyway. :X I just ordered a wig, got an AWESOME deal on some shoes from ebay, and picked up some leggings& gloves from welovecolors. Ebay makes me so happy when it comes to cosplay shoes. This is the second time I've found something with the right heel& toe shapes in the color& size I want for under 10 bucks. After all, I'm just going to glue a bunch of shit to them anyway!

Today I decided to try to cram all my old costumes back into the closet. I don't know how they all fit in there. It's pretty full now and I still need to hang up like 3-4 more outfits. WTF.

For shits& grins I decided to try on the Millenia jacket, and it fits! I didn't try on the rest of it, because I'm partly afraid the waistcincher won't fit. (It probably does) I'm not seriously considering wearing Millenia in public anytime soon, though. I mean. That costume has NO PANTS. None at all! Also, it would need serious repairs. I remember being so proud of it when I made it. When I pulled the jacket out of the closet today, a button was gone on the sleeve, another few were loose, the hook& eyes were loose, and most of the trim was coming off. I really wish I'd hand-tacked all that trim down instead of gluing it. I can still hand-tack all the stuff coming off, but I can't replace the sections that look a little crappy.

I'm also pretty sure I'm missing a few things for that outfit, like the boob petals, the weird cami thing I made, and maybe some of the bra strap elastic that went on the leggings. Also, since I lost weight, the leggings don't fit correctly, and I can't just take in the back seam since there are diamonds cut out of the back XD That costume is seriously at the bottom of the "wear again" list. lololol!

So in continuation of yesterday's post.. I'm pretty sure I'm back at like.. 2003's cosplay weight. I've negated about 10 years of weight gain so far. I'm not even halway yet, though, which just goes to show how much I gained my first few years in college :P The next 5 years of weight gain are going to be the hardest to get rid of! :O So I guess it should be no surprise that I feel like dressing up again since I did so at this weight back in the day anyway.

Anyway! Back to the new costume. I'm excited. I decided that since I'm too big of a slacker to finish the Arche costume, or make my Venture Bros. costume, I'll just make something new off my old To-Do list. It's got poofy sleeves on a blouse. The tunic that goes over is fitted at the top, but pretty free from the hips down. I figure that thing will be easy and will take minimal alterations when it's time to take it in, provided I don't go crazy and decide to line it. The colors are going to be tricky, though. I might end up having to make it out of quilting cotton to get the colors, right, so the whole thing will have to be interfaced. Boo!

I still don't know how I'm going to sew yet though. I figure I'll just go to the fabric store tomorrow, and figure it out from there. I'm going to try setting it up in the dining room and sewing with one of the barstools at the lowest height. I am worried that I won't be able to reach the pedal of the sewing machine.

If that doesn't work, I'm thinking about getting a proper sewing cabinet, and setting it up in the guest bedroom. We'd have to get rid of the low nightstand shelf thing there. Sewing cabinets are fucking expensive though!! I think there are only one or two companies that make them. I really want one where the machine lowers into the desk when you are done, so I don't have to worry about finding a place to store it when it's not in use. The cheapest I've found right now is "on sale" for 400 bucks. Same price on amazon and Jo Ann's. I know it would be more comfortable to have the cabinet than sew in the dining room... but I'm going to try to make due without the cabinet first. It's just so much money and I'm having a hard time justifying it. I've spent so much money on cosplay already.. you'd think.. hell.. why not 400 more? lol It would be an investment, yeah.. but 400 at once? Blah!

So now I'm kind of regretting deleting my last Jo Ann's email... I bet I had an awesome coupon in there that would have helped with fabric cost. I know from buying my dressform that they totally wouldn't give me a % off a cabinet anyway :/


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