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It's good, really, but it's frustrating!

Ray and I talked about maybe going up to AnimeFEST for a day. It's been forever since we've been to a con together, and I wouldn't mind hitting up a dealer's room. I even kind of got excited about the thought of maybe cosplaying again.

There's a problem.


Since I was cosplaying pretty frequently up until around 240 or so, it's like some wacky cosplay timeline. I decided to go try some stuff on for shits& giggles today.. you know.. figure out WTF I would wear for the one day we'd go.. just in case we went!


I'm not wearing Tellah. Tellah needs repairs. That copper tubing in the collar didn't do anything for it, and 500 layers of interfacing isn't keeping it up. I'm not sure how to fix the collar. I would also have to make a few minor repairs here and there, and take in the undershirt. I can get a huge handful of fabrif on either side of the shirt. Taking it in would be a lot of work, because I fully lined that bitch!

I figured.. "I know! The Red Mage version of that Refia FF III costume!"

There are handfuls of fabric everywhere on that thing! I mean.. I felt the hips were pretty free-size to begin with on that, but I have handfuls of fabric around the bust, the sides, the waist... To make it work, it would need a massive overhaul. I bet I could take in a bit by going down the underside of the arms and the sides of the dress, but I can't go all the way down because of the applique triangles. I could take some in along the front seam, since that's covered by the front placard... I mean, basically, I could take in the dress everywhere. It's the front placard that is the problem now. It's out of proportion, and would need to be narrowed.. which would involve picking all the trim off of it. Also, the boot cuffs don't fit anymore, and slide off. To make it look nice, I'd have to take it apart, take the binding off the white peice, trim it down about 2 inches, and then re-trim and re-attach it to the boot strap. It would almost be easier to remake from scratch.. but I don't have the materials, yo!

So, I thought about going older. Like maybe that Au Revoir Yu~ki costume I only ever wore once. That sounds good!


NOPE! this one needs work too!
It needs a minor repair on one of the sleeves.. the ribbon got ripped off the edge of the sheer crap, and it needs to be fixed. I apparently also need to take it in a lot around the hips, ass, and belly. I can't take it in along the front seams either, because I did a very pretty job of attaching irredescent leather along the zipper edge. It would have to come from some of the other panels. The pants fit, but are a little loose in the waist. The staff needs to be repaired. I'd have to track down the lacy white tights I was using as sleeves. Minor repairs after I get it taken in. This one is an option!

My Tsunade costume also fits. The pants are a bit loose, but the best thing about Japanese clothing is that you can just wrap it around more! So.. the top fits ok, the obi fits fine, and the hanten is a bit looser than I'd like, but you can't really notice. I never liked the jacket in the first place, though. I couldn't find the right fabrics for it. I wouldn't mind re-making it. Downside is.. my brother has the wig somewhere, I'd have to re-make the forehead tattoo, and I've thrown away the shoes for this costume. The sandals were getting nasty. To wear this one, I'd have to get new shoes, figure out WTF to do about the wig, and I'd want to re-make the jacket...And maybe re-dye the pants, since they are fading. It is a REALLY comfy costume, though! This one is a maybe. Pardon the pants here.. I was trying on my Cornelia (Code Geass) costume, and didnt' feel like finding the Tsunade pants. I actually wear those black capris for the Tsunade costume a lot in the summer XD


Speaking of Cornelia.. That one probably need the least ammount of work... but the shoes are killer uncomfortable, so I don't think I'll be wearing that one anytime soon. The pants are a bit baggy, but not unbearably so. The top is baggy around the lower back/butt.. and it would take some work to take it in since there's trim there. It's not THAT bad though.

Arshtat.. Oh Arshtat T..T I love this costume so much! When I lost weight the year after I made it, I had to take in the waist cincher and it was awful. I apparently put boning in that thing! I did an amazing job with it! I had to take it apart when I did take it in, and I made sure to take off an extra inch or so, that way it would still fit if I continued to lose weight.

Well, it needs to be taken in by like 4 inches now :(

I would love to wear this costume again, but it needs repairs to the wig, a minor repair to the crown, but a massive overhail of the waist cincher! This means the skirt is too loose, and it wasn't elastic. That woulnd't be a big deal since the waistband isn't visible. The red overskirt has elastic.. that's probably ok... The top will be loose, but I'll just fold it more since it's a kimono style front. The belts... not sure about those. I don't remember how those attach. I think I made them a specific size and snapped them right into the front placard.

Basically, Arshtat would take more work than I'm willing to put into it right now. I love that costume so much, but I have nowhere to set up my machine. I'll think about it. That costume needs love.

Another strong contender is my Tales of Vesperia costume. Rita Mordio was the last costume I made. I thought it turned out really well, and I hated it. I looked awful in it, so I wore it to A-kon a few years ago when we were going to do a Vesperia group, and then chucked it in the closet. The rest of the group didn't happen, but I met up with two other Vesperia cosplayers and it was embarassing. I'm considering taking this one in, but the tunic would be tricky. It needs to lose a few inches around the middle, but I have to be careful not to make the arm holes too narrow, or mess with the lines of the bottom of the thing. Also, the top is looser. It's a kimono style top also, but the closures I installed are all wacky now. I can move a button over, but I don't know if there's much else I can do there. I've considered taking in the red stocking boot, but I think I might just leave it. I need to shorten the obi, remove the current closures, and add some industrial hook& eye or something. 4 mega 1 inch snaps dont' work. You bend over, and it just pops off! I think hook& eyes would work better because they'd fight against movement. I'll have to find some big ones, or install like 8000 smaller ones. That will be a pain. The obi it thick with lots of interfacing to keep it from buckling in the front and looking bad in pictures. If I can fix those things, though, Rita might be a good one to wear.


Really, the BEST option would be to make something new.. but that won't fit in 6 months if I keep this up. I don't want to make anythign new yet.


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