HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Dear people at the grocery store:

Die. All of you. The employees can stay. They are awesome. I love how helpful the wine& meat departments are, for example.

But the rest of you can eat a dick.

Cherries are on sale right now, and I bought a big bag. They are delicious. Some of them are half-eaten. The bag looked fine when I picked it up, but it wasn't until I started rinsing and sorting them that I found the two with slimy bite-marks taken out of them. Seriously? Fucking grazers! If you don't finish it, don't put it back in the bag!

And you old ladies... pick a lane. Left or right. When there are people trying to get through, your crap parking job just makes things worse!

Also.. if you have 800 children, put them in the basket. Just pile meat on top of them. I don't care, as long as they aren't running around like it's a freakin' carnival. I'm looking at you, negligent mothers. It's not enough to just hang two or three off the cart like blasted monkeys. You need to keep the other 4 under control as well. I understand your life is hard, and your vajoo is probably wrecked from popping out all those little lizards, so you probably can't just leave them at home. But the cherry display is not a baby sitter >:(

There was also the case of the two 50-60 somethings that were apparently freinds. One freind did not notice the other, so the other felt jilted! What to do? I KNOW! Let's T-BONE the freind! Taking up the entire isle while you play-crash all over the goddamned store!


I also went to Target and Drug emporium. If I could get everything I needed at either of those, I would be tempted just not to go to the regular grocery store! But, I do like fresh meat and produce... Drug Emporium is actually amazing. It has this vitamins plus section, which is basically weird ass hippy food. I've found some really neat stuff there. It's where I get those House brand Shirataki noodles. And since it's a weird hippy place, it's mostly empty. Sure, there are weird hippies there, but they mostly just grab what they need and stay out of the way. I love that place because of that!

Oh! Yesterday, Nugget got to go to the vet, too! Time for annual checkup& booster shots. She's almost 14lbs of lard. Hopefully she'll get back down to around 12lbs like she was before Senpu got sick. She's too tubby now, and it hurts when she walks on you :( I found the visit to be hilarious, though. She hisses and squirms around like crazy when anything comes near her butt! She is traumatized from youth! I know she wasn't happy, but I laughed my ass off.

Also.. I freaking hate the grocery store.


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