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Paper Wings website breakdown!

I couldn't remember our community pw, so I'll post it here :P

Surprisingly, we get a lot of traffic on our website! Our host has a new stat report site available, so I checked it out today. I was expecting the usual two-dozen or so linkbacks to my cosplay pics talking about how I am a fat cow and I should kill myself. I am so glad those days seem to be over XD

Instead, the parts of our site that get the most visits are the tutorials section! We only have like 3 tutorials up, but they are all popular! The most popular one, hands-down, is the one for feathered wings. :) The fiberglass tutorial is second. I wish I had taken a bunch of photos on my last fiberglass project!

Our top 10 google phrase hits were:

1. bondo

2.fiberglass armor

3.working with bondo

4.fiberglass tutorial

5.how to make cosplay wings

6.how to make feather wings

7.princess morbucks (WHAT? lol. Go Ringo!)

8.cosplay wings

9.making armor with fiberglass

10.how to make feathered wings

What does this tell me?

Well, I feel bad for any auto guys that hit our page. I cannot help you fix your car, sorry! Hilariously, we are the top google hit for "Working with Bondo," AND we are on the first page of hits for cosplay wing tutorials.

It makes me feel like if I cared more, I ought to be putting more tutorials up! lol (It would actually be a first for me, personally, since Makoto& Ringo did like.. all of the work for the others :P ) A lot of sites have tutorials for specific things, like automail or whatever. It seems like it would be helpful to have more tutorials for general things like modifying patterns and whatever. Applique tutorial! Satin stitch tutorial! Making crazy collars stand up tutorial! (I need that one for my own costumes...)

Apparently, we get a lot of referrals from cosplaytutorial.com, too! It seems like a pretty neat site. I hadn't heard of them before, but I wouldn't be surprised if Makoto or Ringo got us set up with them.

And finally, we were linked by Hack n Mod as an awesome comprehensive guide to working with bondo from start to finish. Go Makoto for taking the time to write this stuff up!

Mostly, though, I'm just so darn happy that I'm not getting a bajillion of links a month from forums telling me to kill myself! I didn't like those much :( I actually haven't checked our site stats in years because I was tired of reading negative comments about my costumes.

Also- I accidentally used paypal to pay for something with my old card, even though I activated my new card, and now there's card drama! Gah! Don't forget to update your CC info when you get a new card in, kids! I had to go update our info to pay for the PW hosting, and I'm hoping that didn't cause more problems >:O


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