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Only July? Ugh!

Random thoughts& things that are going on with me, incoming!

*The weather has been wacky lately. We've been going from really-freaking-hot to monsoon-season. I'm not having any fun going outside, and I want it to be like.. Oct/Nov already so we can have outdoor porch margarita season.

*There's a really sick looking cat that's decided to live under the deck. It is kind of freindly to people. When you talk to it, it meows. When I was grilling yesterday, it tried to come up and get pet, and I felt a lot like tag body spray for sick cats. (There was no video of this on the internet that was not totally shitty. Below IS a vid with low audrio, though!) I did have fun watching Nugget flip out over the cat, though! If it is still around tomorrow, I am thinking about putting a live trap out and calling animal control so the thing can get some help.

*Matt's face is healing up, but his nose still looks totally gross. When I found out about it the morning after it happened, we both decided that it wasn't bad enough to go to the dr. over. But I think it almost was.

*I have been trying to find motivation to clean out some more old clothes and take on some big cleaning projects. Final Fantasy Theatrythm on the 3DS has prevented that. Every time!

*I've lost enough where I am kind of sort of almost considering sewing again. My first two projects? Taking in the tunic& belt of that Tales of Vesperia costume and maybe making that goofy Monarch Minion costume from the Venture Bros. that I have all the materials for. I should totally make that. Totally. I also have a 50% finished Tales of Phantasia costume around here. Pants are 95% done, wig is 75% done... just need to make the tube top, jacket-thing and gloves. I will more than likely wait on that one. Pants= elastic waist because they are the same MC Hammer pants I have made for my awesome Tellah& Gogo costumes, so that'll be easy to take in!

*We are probably going up to Plano this weekend. I don't know that I'll track down my bathing suit. Maybe! I probably won't have time for that, though. I am looking forward to my high-calorie day up there, and Matt is looking forward to showing off his car to someone new. We are having to drive farther and farther away to find people who have not seen Matt's car yet. This is getting silly!

*That being said, I would not be surprised at all if we headed up to OK and visited Matt's mom before the end of the summer. Because, you know. She hasn't seen his car yet. lol

*I am hungry and did not realize it's already an hour past my regularly scheduled dinnertime! That explains that! Time to go find something to eat, yo



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