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Happy Birthday to me! (Month 4/ Week 14)

There has been a whole mess of drama happening in the house. I've been significantly depressed about it, but I'm hoping things will look up soon. I briefly weighed the pros and cons of leaving my husband, but accidental facial trauma to said husband's nose seems to have mellowed him out. It's really scary to wake up and see someone lying next to you with a blood encrusted face though -..- If anyone wants the details, call me while he's at work, and I'll gossip.

I got a 3DS for my birthday! Technically, I've had it for over a week now, but I'll announce it today :P Matt also bought Tales of the Abyss, Devil Summoner Overclocked, Final Fantasy Theatrythm, and Heroes of Ruin to go with it. The first two came with the system. FF Theatrythm arrived on the 3rd, and Heroes of Ruin will come out.. whenever it releases. Soonish!

As far as weight-loss and all that goes.. well.. It's still not going :P I haven't given up, though. I measured, and I'm losing a little bit in the inches department, but shaking up the exercise hasn't gotten the scale moving like I'd hoped. There is a good probability next week will be better due to many variables such as time of the month, a more concrete exercise schedule, and all that. I've finally done enough of the P90X DVDs to figure out which ones I like, which ones I hate, and which ones are in danger of hurting me. I'm basically keeping all the strength DVDs, the core exercises disc, and tossing the yoga& kenpo. Now that I've sorted that out, I'm filling in the yoga/kenpo days with the bike, and my schedule will look something like this;

Mon/Weds/Fri: Bike
Tues/Thurs/Sat: strength training& core exercises

That seems like it will work out pretty well, since I'll be doing a disc on Sat. Sat has weekend programming on TV, and I haven't found anything good to bike to on the weekends, so I set it up so I'd still have my Criminal Minds/ Quantum Leap on Mon/Weds/Fri :X Heaven help me if either station changes the lineup! (Yeah, it's bound to happen eventually....)

Overall, though.. things just felt tough this week. I felt like I was slipping left and right. I only got like 4 days of exercise in instead of 6, and I was consistantly 100-200 cal over my preferred number for the day. When I type it, it doesn't seem that big, but it feels big. I thought about trying calorie cycling, and I did that this week, and it just felt like I had a harder time going back to my lowered calories.

I'm looking at today as a fresh start, though. I'm going to get all my workouts in. If I'm not hideously sore, I won't have to take a day off. (I took 1 day off to let my calves rest. I did the legs DVD, and was really damned sore, but did the bike the next day anyway. After that I couldn't walk! lol Day off. 2nd day off was yesterday due to house drama) I'm going to work harder on getting better food in my body. I discovered Mann's Broccoli Slaw recently. Shit's amazing. You can have the whole bag for 100 cal. It looks like cole slaw, but the green is actually julienned broccoli hearts. It also has a little bit of carrot and red cabbage for color. I steam it in the bag, sprinkle with a little salt and a bit of butter, and eat it with something else fun like a lean cuisine or something meaty. It's a great way to get a ton of veggies, fill me up, and come in low cal for lunch.

And tonight instead of a cake, I'm making a low-calorie triffle. I'll post a picture if I can find something pretty to put it in. The recipie calls for cubed angel food cake, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, one sugar-free vanilla pudding, and some fat-free cool whip. You mix the pudding& cool whip, and then layer it with the cake and mixed berries. It sounds good, and 1 cup= 170 cal. It seems pretty reasonable.

I'm crossing my fingers that I lose some poundage this week! I hate stalling with less than 20 lbs to go to get into the 190's. A nice side-effect of all this food-watching has been Matt's weight loss, though. He's definitely lost some, which is great. He was packing it on just like me. His sweats like to fall down now. When I hike them back up, he pulls them up to his chest and it makes me cry because it's creepy and gross :P Unfortunately, he still managed to pull his back this morning.. I'm not sure they should let him do any counseling at work today. He might scare the customers! his face is still a mess, his neck hurts, and now he's thrown is back out. Maybe they'll let him out early. I doubt I'll get to do anything today because of that, though ;( I should get my bike in, take a shower, run some laundry, and then be a lazy ass with my new hookah. I got some molasses-based stuff that doesn't have tobacco or smoke, so I'm excited to try it out. I don't think Matt liked it before when I was smoking the shisha. I don't think once or twice a month is that bad, but this tobacco-less stuff will be totally guilt-free if it ends up being good. If I can find a good rose flavor, great! Otherwise, I might find a good rose shisha and save it for special occassions :X


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