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Final Fantasy Theatrythm

ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha~! I got mine from Amazon on release! nah nah nah! :P

I read on the internet that you CAN, in fact, unlock Dancing Mad when you get enough happy music points on your crystal. I "beat" the game yesterday after getting 100k points in the crystal, but it looks like the points keep accruing, so I have no idea.

The game is really dumb, but cute and fun. Every time a tiny boss jumps in and starts flailing around, I laugh. I learned that I don't know as much Final Fantasy music as I thought, though. When I'm doing dark notes, I have to wait until the end to find out WTF game the song came from half the time. :X

Also.. Battle on Big Bridge in ultimate score is freaking hard. >:( I can't do 4 feinds in ultimate either, but hey.. I'm not good at the hard mode!

I had a nightmare last night that dad just drove up to visit, and I was a total mess. My hair was all over the place, and I was wearing the baggiest, filthiest PJs ever. I yelled at him for not letting me get cleaned up and presentable before he just showed up. I was apparently also homeless, and sleeping in a display bed in the lobby of some store. Way to go me!

I'm trying to find some motivation to bike this morning. I want to play more silly final fantasy music game, and my calves are REALLY sore from the legs& arms workout yesterday. I don't know if they are too sore to bike or not, though. Sometimes when I'm really sore, Matt says I should rest my muscles. Today he said I should get on the bike :P I think he's probably right. :X


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