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Month 4 begins! (Week 13) 32 lbs lost, total

The concert on Sat. was awesome. I got to see all the 80's bands I was really excited about, and some of the others as well. When I bought the tickets, I had no idea where the hell the Gexa Energy Pavilion was. Well.. it turns out I've been there a bunch of times already! It's just... every time I go, it's been re-named to something else. When I went to see The Cure, it was the Smirnoff something-or-other. I was still calling it the Smirnoff when I saw the True Colors concert tour, but by then it was technically the Superpages.com center. I don't know when they renamed it this time, but none of the street signs have been changed to reflect that. They all still list it as the Superpages.com center! It made getting there a little confusing. I didn't bring my ipad because I didn't want it sitting in the heat of the car all afternoon, and I didn't want to bring it in with me. It was too damned hot! I relied, instead, on Ray's cel phone, since he loves to use the GPS stuff on there.

Well, apparently he was having network problems the whole trip! I kept yelling at him to get off his cel phone while driving. It makes me crazy. I used to feel safe riding with him, but now he's always whipping out his phone and texting and crap. He had me in the back seat, and his girlfreind sitting next to him. Why couldn't he just pass the phone over to her or me or something? No.. he's gotta do everything. I swear we almost got in a wreck on the way home because of that. I worry about him a lot. He'll probably have to get into an accident in order to learn to stop, because he won't listen to me. His girlfreind doesn't seem to care, and doesn't say anything. She laughs at me when I scold him about it, and I don't know if it's because she's tried and it doesn't work, or she's just weird. I'm going for the second one.

ANYWAY. I ended up getting us there on my shitty 3G cel phone without any GPS app. Yes, I am amazing.

I saw Rio (Duran Duran), Mysterious Ways (U2), Strangelove (Depeche Mode), Le Cure (The Cure.. did I need to even mention that? :P) all on the happy 80's stage. They staggered all the performances, so there was always a band on. While waiting for 80's groups to hit the stage, I caught a few songs from Frontiers (Journey), Guns 4 Roses, The Police Experience, the David Lee Roth/ Van Halen group, and whatever the Bon Jovi trib. was called.

I was really impressed! I was totally expecting a cheesefest, and I would have been happy with that. Most of the bands were pretty amazing, though! I really loved the ones that got into it and did full costumes. Many of them did, but it felt like some of the dudes just wanted to get up and play. I'm cool with that, too. The ones that got into character were a lot of fun, though. I figured Frontiers was just going to be a bunch of Journey fans up there doing karaoke or something. I was so wrong! They were incredible! The frontman they had sounded like Steve Perry.. exactly! :O He also kind of looked like him, too, and had a full awesomely 80's outfit with little white pants, sneakers, and a VERY 80's lookin T-shirt

In fact, most of the bands had leads that really got into the look of the vocalist they were paying tribute to. When Strangelove got on stage, I thought I was looking at a young Dave Gahan! It was incredible. And his voice :O OMG. I have never seen Depeche Mode live, but I think just maybe it's something like that. The first song they played was "World in My Eyes," and it was total sex. They had a lot of charisma and put on a fantastic show. I was really impressed!

Le Cure is apparently based out of Dallas. Since I'd actually seen The Cure live, I was really curious about this band. When I saw The Cure at the Smirnoff, it was during the Bloodflowers tour. They put on a really great show, and I couldnt' help but think about how professional the band was. I mean, The Cure has been touring for decades. It must be really easy for them to make live concert DVDs, because they are near perfect at the shows.

That being said, Le Cure was amazing! They were very, very close to the real thing. The vocalist was incredible. His wig was.. incredibly cheesey. I mean, I looked at their promo photo on the Jack website, and KNEW I had to go to this festival just to see them. I kept thinking about Fat Bob from the Nice Hair comic. It's just.. a really bad/cheesey photo. lol. Live, though.. you could see it was just a really unflattering angle in the promo pic :P the wig was totally cheesetastic, but the vocalist had accent/inflection/tone/etc down perfectly. His stage antics were a little silly and over the top. He was definitely a charicature of Robert Smith, but that's ok. I was shocked when he started singing because he was damn near identical to the band they were covering.

All in all, it was a ton of fun. Tickets were 10 bucks per person, so I figured it'd be cheap fun. I was half right! Parking was TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS.. and after that, I spent 4.50 per bottled water :/ I like Vegas better, where there are strage people selling bottled water for a buck. I figured I would have gone over on calories that day, though, since I binged on pizza& beer for lunch and dinner would be at the venue. I ended coming out about even, though. I didn't eat anything at the concert. I just slammed water. By the end of the day, I still wasn't hungry for dinner, either.. so it looks like I just had all my alloted calories for lunch.

I did do a high calorie day yesterday, though. I'd been planning it. I ended up doing probably 2200cal yesterday, which feels astronomical now that I've been keeping it between 1400-1500 for the past 3 months. I'm trying calorie cycling. About once a week, I'm going to try having a high-cal day. Because...

Plateaus suck!

Month 1, lost 15 lbs
Month 2, lost 11 lbs
Month 3.................6 lbs :/ WTF

And the majority of those 6 lbs were lost in the first two weeks. After that, it's been pretty much nothing. We're going into week 3 or 4 with the scale stuck in pretty much the same place. That's the state of things right now :( I really wanted to be down at least 2 more lbs to keep up a minimum of 8 lbs per month. Right now, I'm still ahead of schedule because of my loss during the first few months, but if things carry on the way they are now, I won't meet my goals.

I've been continuing to exercise 6 days a week no matter what. I've been keeping to 1400-1500 cal/day no matter what. I'm doing really well on the personal discipline front, which has really surprised me. I haven't fallen off the wagon and binged for days on end, I haven't deprived myself to the point of binging, and I haven't slacked off and just not worked out for a week. To shake things up, I started some workout DVDs. I'm doing P90X discs a few days a week. I'm not following the P90x program, because it's kind of insane, and I'm pretty sure I don't meet the minimum fitness requirements for the program. I have learned that I hate yoga, it would be really easy for me to screw my knees up on kenpo since they go fast with very little instruction, and the cardio disc is kinda meh. I do like the strength training DVDs a lot, though.

I've decided that I'm going to change up my workout routine. I was doing the bike 30 min/ 6 days a week. Then I was doing P90x until I was too sore to move. (I had a 4lb jump in the scale for over a week until the muscle inflammation went back down) I even had to take an extra day or two off over the course of two weeks to let my muscles rest since I was almost too sore to move! I think I'm going to do the bike mon/weds/fri now, though, and do the strength discs tues/thurs/sat. I hope that breaks it up enough to get me off this plateau. If not, maybe that+ the calorie cycling. I'm going to be focusing on getting more protein as well. I don't want to drop into ketosis, since I'm not doing Atkins. I just want to get closer to a 40/40/20 macronutrient breakdown.. kind of like what I did a few years ago. It's hard getting your protein to be even or greater than your carbs! But I think the carbs might be making things a little more difficult for me. Dad says everyone in our family could live off a handful of rice a day because of how we process carbs. I wouldn't go that far, but I get his point :P

Honestly, I've been feeling really depressed about it all lately. I've been struggling to stay motivated and keep going, even though it all seems pointless. Matt has been wonderful in supporting me through it all. I think he is totally sick of hearing about fitness stuff, but he doesn't say it. I mean, I'm pretty sure he's tuning me out sometimes :P But he does support me, and helps me keep going. To break through this plateau, I'm going to have to restrict things a little bit more, be a little more strict with my workouts, etc, and I wonder if I have it in me to keep up. When my gut reaction is to get depressed and mopey and want to give up, and I going to be able to go at it even harder than before? I don't know.

I have noticed, however, that I am getting.. wrinkly. I want to keep weight loss at around 2 lbs/week. I lost a little quickly the first two months, but I'm sure a good ammount of that was water. I'd like to lose a little faster than I currently am.. but not so fast that I end up with tons of extra skin. I can see some of it now. My arms and the tops of my thighs are getting a little... weird. I don't know how else to describe it. I am deflating. Soon, I will look like a nutsack? hah! I'm wondering if I can help things snap back a little more easily if I start moisturizing early, before this gets bad. It's not bad now. I can just tell it's all a little looser. I wonder if I should go for that pregnant lady butter? :X

All in all, though.. I'm still going. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still at it. I'm trying, even though I'm gtting bummed out. I'll keep up with my weekly updates on the health front as long as I'm still doing it. I just really hope I see the scale start moving again soon. I'm tired of being at the same number for weeks XP When I was looking online for help on plaeaus.. all the sites were talking about how people hit them when they just have those last 20 lbs to lose. I'm like... shit... 32 lbs in? 70 to go for my 100 in 1 year challenge, and that still leaves me overweight! I don't want to be plateauing this early. It just means I'll have to go through this multiple times as I continue to hit plateaus >:O


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