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Concert event tomorrow!

I'm so excited! I'm going up to Dallas tomorrow with Ray & his GF to see the Jack Throwback concert thing. It's a festival I guess? It starts around 6 and runs until probably 11pm or so. There are 15 bands playing songs made famous by.. other bands! Yes, they are all cover/tribute bands, but it's going to be awesome. They are playing at the Gexa energy pavillion on 3 stages. I was totally confused at first, but then I realized I've been to that venue a ton. :X They just renamed it a while back. I was more familiar with it as the Smirnoff!

I've seen The Cure there (Lawn tickets were only like 28 bucks a peice. To see them now is crazy expensive!), and that True Colors tour played there as well. I'm not really sure how the 3 stages thing will work out, though. I don't remember that place THAT well, but it's basically an outdoor ampithetre with a covered, seated section, and lawn seating in the back. Behind the stage& off to the side are the bars/vendors/merch tables. I don't remember there being room for 3 stages, so we'll see how they set it up. From the looks of things on the website, though, I'm going to be spending most of my time at the 3rd stage. It's where all the 80's bands will be! I think they are doing a theme thing. Stage 3 is all 80's, then there's a 90's stage and a hair band stage.

If any of you happen to be there too, send me a text or leave a reply, and I'll try to find you and say hi! I'm still trying to figure out WTF I'm going to wear. I bet it's going to be hotter than hell, so I need to find something comfortable that I can sweat in. I also briefly considered doing the fat goth thing since there's a Cure cover band. lolololol I was thinking about that, cute clubwear (no! Those shoes will not be comfy!) or vintage 80's T's compliments of Matt. I'm probably going to go with a vintage T, but now I have to decide between the white Max Headroom shirt, or the black Whitesnake shirt! :O The Whitesnake one is pretty epic and black. Max Headroom almost wins for hilarity alone, but it's a white shirt. White would be better in the heat, but it'll stain easier and show sweat. I cannae decide!

Oh... I am SO not looking forward to the heat. :(


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