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I think it's safe to say Senpu is back to normal now!

Man.. he's been tearing all over the place lately. I mean.. he doesn't tear around as much as he used to... and I can hear him coming because his joints click and pop now.. XD But he's definitely feeling better. He's eating much more now than before. I'm still trying to get the feeding schedules on track, and Nugget out of Senpu's food, but things are better. This morning I was tag teamed by cats starting at around 5:30/ 6:00AM. They took turns jumping on me, and Senpu smacked me in the face a bunch. -..- THANKS CAT

Also.. I've been to the theater a few times! I haven't had the chance to see Abe Lincoln yet. I loved the book, but I heard the movie is really bad. That makes me kinda sad, though, because the author of the book also wrote the screenplay... and if it's awful, then there really is no chance for Beetlejuice2.

Prometheus: (Warning: Minimal spoilers)

I wanted to like it more than I did. I came out of it feeling sad, confused, and unfulfilled. Days later, I'm still thinking about it. That means it wasn't that bad! The whole Alien thing aside... Michael Fassbender was amazing as David the andriod in this one. The rest of the characters made no sense. The plot made no sense! Many things that happened made no sense! But apparently, that's ok because one of the dudes that wrote Lost wrote the script? I don't know. There's just so much that doesn't make sense. WTF was that dude doing at the beginning? If he knew the goo was bad, why did he drink it? If that was the only dude that visited us, how do they have all these prehistoric tablets/art/figures of said dudes? And WTF was up with Noomi Rapace's boyfreind? He was all happy, then he wasn't. Then he was a zombie. His motivations and everything were a complete mystery to me. I kept watching these characters do things that really.. made no sense. The actions of the lead woman made more sense than anybody else, and it's clear she was irrational most of the time. WTF. I pretty much just kept waiting for David scenes :X It's not a crush.. he was just an amazing character, amazingly acted by some dude I'm not familiar with. I really loved the Lawrence of Arabia/ Peter O'Toole connection. Peeter O'Toole makes me happy.

But basically.. yeah. Prometheus was full of plot holes, was very pretty, and had an amazing actor or two in thar. I swore this would be one I wouldn't bother watching again or purchasing on Blu-Ray.. but I'd watch it again. :)


Pixar trailers are awful. They pretty much make every movie look like a huge peice of crap. I have come to expect this. I've also come to expect them to be pretty awesome, all things considered! Brave was good. It was a pretty basic fairytale type of story. For adults, it's pretty easy to guess the entire plot from the moment the mom lectures Merida on the lost kingdom or whatever. That really didn't stop me from enjoying it, though. I think Pixar animation gets prettier and prettier with each new film. Merida's hair was a lot of fun to watch. The Disney Store released toys related to key plot points before the movie was released, which made me kind of sad. Disney, whhhrrryyy?!?! -..- Also- I loved the witch. She seemed so typically nutzo, weird-ass, oldschool Disney to me. She reminded me of like.. the wizard duel in The Sword in the Stone! Different stuff going on there, but same kind of zany character. The ending was exactly what you'd expect for a fairy tale, but we both cried at the end anyway, and everyone involved had a great time!

We'll probably end up buying this one on Blu-Ray, because we have just about all the other Pixar stuff on disc already!

Even though stuff is still coming out.. I'm sad to say that it feels like our summer blockbusters started and ended with The Avengers :X


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