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Oh hey, it's Monday! You know what that means! Month 3/ Week 12

First off! Zoi: Thank you for the shake sample! I got it earlier in the week. I have not made it yet, because I realized, I have... nothing at the house to stick in it! I plan on having it for lunch after one of my P90 discs and see how I feel :) I'm excited to try it. I just need to stop by the store and pick up a few things.

Weight loss news: No weight loss! BLAH!

Reasons: Well, I've been doing everything right. I was really down earlier this week, because it seemed like I was actually gaining back over the week. I couldn't explain it. I track so fastidiously! And my deficit is great enough that even if I happen to be 100 cal off or so, I should still be losing! I have to chalk it up to the new workout.

P90X: SORE! That's all I can say about this so far. I haven't been able to finish the discs, but I've been making a marked effort to do more every time. I havent' tried all the workouts yet. I keep having to take a day off here and there to let my muscles rest. For a while, I was lying to myself and thinking that if I'd just never done this, and kept up with the bike, everything would be ok. I know I need to mix things up, since I got too used to the bike. If I'd stayed with it, I'd probably be in the same boat. With this, I feel different muscles sore each time. I know I'm building muscle, strength, and setting myself up for future success. Still, I felt so depressed! I wanted to give it all up and go back to not working out. Nothing felt like it was working! All that extra effort for nothing felt so pointless. Heck, it still kind of does... but I am tired of feeling ashamed of myself, and I am tired of feeling like I let everyone down, so I have't flat-out quit yet.

I found an article online that made me feel a bit better, though. All this soreness.. I knew it was muscle damage. Anytime you build muscle, you have to tear it down first to rebuild it stronger. That's where the soreness comes from. One thing I didn't take into account, however, was inflammation from these micro-injuries. A site I was looking at earlier said it's very common for people to weigh in heavier when starting these kinds of strenous workouts, because they were holding a lot of water in the muscles due to inflammation. Everything seemed to fall into place and make sense after that.

I still haven't lost any weight.. but I have noticed that as major soreness has gone away, the scale has slowly come back down to where I left it a week or two ago. I'm still frustrated that I haven't made anymore progress. I figure it's going to take about another 2 months reach my next major milestone... but at least now I know why everything has been jumping around so much. I have to hope that as the soreness dissipates completely, it'll show some sort of weight loss. Maybe tomorrow?

I'm trying to decide what workout to do today. The sides of my ass are quite sore. Not my hips, not the bottom of my bottom, but the SIDES. I am impressed. It also makes it agony to do.. everything! But the good kind I guess?

I know LJ has been pretty dead the past year or two, but I figured for thsoe of you that still come by and read every once in a while.. I'm still at it! I'm still trying hard, even when I feel bummed out. I'm still working hard and sweating most days of the week... even if I procrastinate some days and don't get it done until like 11AM XD lol

I really want to just show up in front of a bunch of people I haven't seen in a long time and have them go "OMG, you look awesome! You must have been working really hard!" For it to be that noticable, though, I think I need to drop at least another 25. We'll see! The scale isn't moving, but I'm still trying!

OH! And I had a really freakin weird dream last night!

I drempt I was going to be in some sort of ballet production. I wasn't one of the main characters, but I had one important dance. I was like some fairy or something... I don't know. My costume was super colorful and irridescent. I was going to do some insanely awesome dancy stuff! Dancing one of the male roles was... David from Prometheus XD His robot mind was still learning ballet, and I was going to show him proper leg lifts and kicks and stuff!! But oh noez! I couldn't lift my legs properly. They were too sore XD I was freaking out about letting everyone down when.... Senpu started smacking me in the back of the head. He woke me up at like 5-6AM today because he was hungry early D: Thanks for saving me from that shame, Senpu!

It's so wrong that all my mega soreness has gone over into my dreams, though. WTF.

Also.. Pandora was fun. It was no work of art, but it was pretty, and Michael Fassbender was amazing as David. If you have seen it, you might find this kind of funny! It's a flowchart explaining the movie in simple images. lol


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