HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Just another quick Senpu update!

He's spending less time under the bed and doing a lot better now. I grabbed him and hopped on the scale, and it looks like he's about 9lbs now. He's still quite thin and scrawny, but I think he's putting weight on again. Sometimes he seems hungry between meals, so I just feed him whenever he's hungry. Nugget looks on sadly and whines. I am not fair to the Nugs! Oh noez!

I'm hoping things with the cats can start getting back to normal now. We're back to normal feed times (with the exception of when kitty gets the munchies.. but that doesn't stay out when he's done), so Nugs can lose some chub. She's like.. 13-14lbs now XD Just because Senpu doesn't want his food doesn't mean you get to eat it! :O

Also- How is it I have no dumb cat icons?!?!?!


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