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Monday fitness post on Tues! Month 3, Week 11

Things have been going super slow for me lately. I'm still chugging on ahead, though. My total is 31 lbs lost so far. If you break it down by month, I lost 15 in month 1, 11 in month 2... we're fast approching the end of month 3, and I've only managed to ditch 5 lbs this month. I hit a plateau coming right into month 3, and I've been struggling to break through it. Many people suggested it was because of the bike. Since I was using the same exercise for 9+ weeks, my body adapted to it and became more efficient at it, and stopped burning as much.

So, I ordered my very first exercise DVDs last week! I picked up P90x. The classic program is pretty insane. You do 1 hr discs 6-7x/ week.. then you do another hr disk on top of that 3x/ week. The 7th day is either a rest day, or a stretch disc day. There was also a "lean" version of the program "for the ladies." lol. Basically, it's more cardio, 1 disc/day except for like.. weds which has 2 or something like that. I decided... since I'm used to 30 min/day cardio, I'll follow the schedule for the lean, but I'm not going to follow things exactly. I would probably fail the P90 fitness test. I don't plan on hurting myself, and I'm going to do at least 30 min of a disc each day. I will do more if I can, but I stop when I feel like hurling. So far, that's been between 35-40 min :P

I did my first workout on Friday.. core exercises! I figured my stomach would be killing me the next day. Nope! EVERYTHING WAS SORE! And I didn't even finish! My calves and hamstring area was sore, some mystery muscle along my ribcage.. something around my back/shoulder area. They were muscles I'd forgotten about. I figured.. it must be pretty effective if that stuff is getting sore!

So.. Sat I was feeling pretty wretched and at Matt's suggestion, I decided to do the bike instead of another disc. Sunday I did absolutely nothing, and started back up with a cardio disc on Mon. Today.. I'm sore in totally different places!! Diferent side muscles.. some muscles around the shoulder that don't get sore when I lift.. my calves again (WTF), different thigh muscles, different muscles around the shoulders...

That being said, so far I still have not broken through this plateau of slow-ass weight loss. I'm tired of going through a week without seeing the scale move much at all.. if any! I'm doing my best with food, and not going over. I'm still losing, but it feels so slow compared to previous weeks. If I don't speed things up and lose at least another 3 lbs in the next two weeks, I'll have to worry about being behind schedule for my 100 lbs in 1 year. Granted, I'm still AHEAD by like 7 lbs, but if it stays slow like this, I won't make it.

In the long run, it's really not that big of a deal as long as I stay focused and keep losing... but it gets discouraging when it slows down. I'm really hoping that once I get into the groove on these DVDs things will start looking up again. It's really hard to tell how many calories I've burned doing the discs, though. I have a ballpark guess on the bike, and I use that for my baseline on what I ought to be doing for my 30 min. I finish my DVD workouts sweaty, out of breath, and nauseous, but I'm not sure what I'm doing calorie wise.

I've been looking into body monitors, like the body media band, but that's pretty expensive, and you need a subscription to the service as well. The subscription is relatively cheap, but the band is kinda pricy, and I'm already logging all my food/exercise/etc into my ipad. I don't want to have to log food all over again on this bodymedia site.. so I don't think I'm going to get one. I'm just going to have to keep going and hope I'm getting as good of a workout as I think I am.

I can totally see how these discs could give you awesome abs, though XD Different places sore each time, zomgs!

Senpu update: Yesterday I called the vet about him againt, and she suggested we try an appetite stimulant. The stuff smells weird, and the cat hates it, but it seems to be working. I gave it once to him yesterday, and he chose to eat on his own. It wasn't much, but he ate. I didn't give any to him today, but he's eating again anyway. Yay! I guess he just needed a jump start. He's still not eating a ton, so I'll keep an eye on him, and maybe start giving him the goo if he slows down. I know he's feeling a LOT better, though, because he slapped me awake last night at 2AM... then again at 3.. then again at 6.. At 2, I poured some dry food for him and went back to bed. After that, I tried my best to ignore him because I was sleepy :P When I woke up, the dry food was gone, but that could have been the Nugs.

Nugget was doing really well when Senpu was eating his food. She was trimming down a bit! Now, she's a butterball again. Someone had to eat Senpu's food I guess? I was throwing it away after it got dried out and crusty, but Nug-E-Nugs was having a field day. It got to the point where I didn't feed them at regular feeding times because Senpu wasn't eating anything, and Nugget was full from eating ALL THE THINGS.

Now that Senpu's eating again, things can go back to normal, and I can work on Nugget not eating all the things. She will be sad XD Oh well! Everybody on diet in this house!

Matt has even lost some weight since I've been doing this. He doesn't want to work out, but I told him I wasn't going to force him to do anything I was doing if he didn't want to. I've been doing my best to either eat my weird healthy food when he's at work, or make weird healthy food he'll eat when he's at home. When I measure out my portions, I measure his too, and tell him where the leftovers are if he wants more. I didn't want to force him into anything, so I figured we'd start with smaller portions, and if he wanted more he could have it. It's up to him to do what he wants.

Surprisingly, he's been ok with the smaller portions most of the time, and he's making healthier choices on his own, too! I'm really happy that he's looking after himself a little more. It always surprises me when he looks for healthy menu options at restaurants now. When we go to Texas roadhouse, we freak them out and tell them we don't want any bread, and he's getting corn instead of french fries now. When he gets the steak, he gets a 6 oz filet instead of the 10oz ribeye, etc. We're going to go to the brand-new BJ's in town on Thurs, and he's already been to their website to look at calorie counts, etc! I know he was doing it mostly for me, but he's already thinking of dishes we can split, etc so we can both have something good without overeating.

Basically, Matt is awesome <3

The restaurant stuff is pretty exciting, though! BJ's just opened earlier this month. I've eaten at the one in Plano a few times, and it's a pretty awesome place. We're also getting a Freebird's over on New Road pretty soon. (For those that don't know, Freebird's is a burrito place from Austin that is crazy popular. It's kind of like a Chipotle, as far as I can tell. I've never been to one)

Which wich is moving into town, opening a sandwich shop on campus, and one on Lake Air really close to the house, next to the Gamestop& Starbucks. We shall not be going to the one on capus! I don't need a ticket for being a visitor, yo!

Also, there's rumors that we're getting a Smashburger. We already have a Moo-yah, but that's on campus. Never tried it. Anyway.. I think Matt liked Smashburger? I dont' know. I'd never even heard of them until we went there in CO to pick up dinner for the Matt.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.. we're getting a Quaker Steak& Lube, too. Not sure where that is going in, but they are burgers and wings and american bar& grill type food I guess? Apparently it's going to be the first one in Texas, and people are already going bonkers about it. I don't know why, but everyone goes crazy every time a new big chain opens in town. When they opened the Cheddar's here, it was packed with hour long waits for weeeeeeks.

Heaven forbid the In-and-Out chain moves down to Waco.. those videos of the Dallas openings are CRAZY. I love food, and I could never get THAT excited about a fast food hamburger. At least I know it's not just Waco that is crazy. It's probably all of Texas :P


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