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Man, a sad, sick cat post every day now, huh?

I think I'm going to have to call the vet again tomorrow if I can't get him to eat in the morning. He was feeling so much better when we brought him home. I figured the injections helped him out. He ate a few bites of food, but not much. The next day, he was back to hiding under the bed and not eating. I've managed to get him to take a little tuna, and today I've been feeding him yogurt. People food is not the best, but I'm worried about him getting sicker.

Hopefully he'll have some food tomorrow. He hasn't smacked me awake in a while. I like getting the extra sleep, but I miss Mr. energetic kitty. If we can't get him eating, I'm worried he's not going to hang in there much longer. He's so thin and frail now :(

He's still getting his antibiotic. I know when I need them for myself.. personally I feel better right after the first dose! I figured it was the same for cats. Maybe he needs a little more time, though.

Also: Something I totally don't understand... The vet mentioned something about it being viral.. in which case we're giving antibiotics? I don't understand that too much, so if it is a viral cold, I hope it runs it's course soon. He'd probably get better faster with some food in him, though >..<

A lot of little things are piling up along with sick cat. I've been kind of depressed today :( Matt was driving me crazy yesterday. He was drinking and watching TV. When I'd ask if he wanted lunch, he'd say yes, but then passed out by the time it was done. I forced him to wake up and eat, and he kept trying to dip his grilled tuna sandwich into his capresse salad. It was not grilled cheese& tomato soup... -..- Anyway.. he pulled the same nonsense for dinner. He got all excited about me cooking something for him, and then when it was done, he was asleep. I just shoved that shit in the fridge at that point, because I'd had enough. I don't appreciate going to the bathroom and stepping in puddles of misplaced urine, either >:O

So yeah. GRRR. I'm hoping a good night's sleep will fix everything. Tomorrow, I'm starting a new workout week, a new P90 disk, and hoping for a happier cat.


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