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Aw, kitty... why?!?

I posted earlier that the results of Senpu's bloodwork were much poorer than last time. I'm worried about him. That really doesn't stop me from getting pissed off at him, though. We came back from Austin last night (visiting mom& the bro) at around 11-11:30ish. I was dead tired, so I unpacked and went straight to bed. Except... the bed was wet :/

The center of my side had suffered urinary irrigation for the past 24 hours.


Maybe TMI, but when he does this, I always sniff it and look for discoloration. It didn't smell like anything, really.. and there was a lot of it, and no stain. I noticed he's been drinking a lot more and urinating a lot more over the past two weeks. His joins sometimes crack& pop when he walks, and he's losing more weight. He still purrs, but I can tell he was pissed at us for taking off. This morning, I couldn't get him to eat anything. It's really concerning, but there's not really any more we can do for him than we are already doing.

It was so aggravating last night, though.. since he soaked all the way down to the mattress, I had to wash ALL the bedclothes, including the mattress pad. Because of that, I couldn't just slap new sheets on it and go to bed. I had to stay up damned near 3 hours getting the mattress pad and at least one blanket washed& dried. We ended up just flipping the mattress over, because it wasn't soaked that bad... just damp. I didn't get much sleep though. Maybe 4 hours? Then I got to wake up and wash the rest of the stuff!

I need to come up with a gameplan for what we will do next time we need to leave town. I think I'm going to put the bathroom rugs back down. He LOVES to pee on those. If he does that instead of the bed, I can handle that. I'll make sure there's a fresh feliway in the bedroom everytime we leave now, too. I don't replace that constantly, so maybe having a new one whenever we go somewhere will also help. I've also sprayed down the newly-laundered blankets with spray-on feliway. If I'd had time, I would have treated everything with enzynamic cleaner, but I was so dead tired last night.

What really got me was that the middle of the bed was a toilet, and he was napping right next to it when we got back. I checked him for mess, and he was clean. I would have freaked if he'd been laying in bed for a day and a half urinating on himself. He was just mad.. and his urine is pretty dilute, so I guess he couldn't smell a problem lying there -..- Didn't mean I wanted to sleep in it, though...


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