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Time for the weekly fitness update! Month 3/ week 10

Things have not been moving very quickly :/ I haven't given up, though! I had a great time in Denver, and even though I overate, I didn't eat over my maintenance ammounts, so I didn't gain any weight from that trip. This week, I've continued to bike regularly and watch what I'm eating.

The last day or two, I've eaten way too little and actually had to add on something at the end of the night to keep me over the bare min. (It is not reccommended for any woman to eat leass than 1200 cal/day because that puts you in danger of nutritional deficiencies) I know that won't last, though. I have a sweet tooth and a bad case of snacky that says I'll be having another one of those "I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE" days before too long. But I can survive that. I've survived the last ones!

All that being said, I've only dropped maybe 1-2 pounds in the last two weeks. That's not at all in line with what I've done the previous two months! So.. I've been re-evaluating my workout plans. Many of my freinds have said that since I've been doing the same activity 6 days/week for 9 weeks without changing it, my body has gotten used to it. So now, I need to shake things up to keep losing at a steady rate!

I ordered the P90x dvds. I've heard a LOT about them. I've looked into it, and it seems like it's much harder to hurt yourself doing P90x than doing say.. insanity or crossfit. People have seen amazing results with it.. and if I can end a workout with elevated heart rate and a shirt drenched in sweat, it's good enough for me. I'm not looking for a 6 pack... yet! (Probably never... but I'd be ok with a good set of back muscles :X )

I figured.. it's too damned hot in Texas. I can't go outside for a jog without feeling like dying within 5 min due to heat stroke. I need to keep active, and I need to change up my workout, but I need to be able to do it inside. So, I'm venturing into the strange and crazy world of exercise videos. My only previous experience with them was in highschool. On the flags/dance squad, Rockin' to the Oldies was a mandatory part of the morning routine. I will never in my life forget my experiences working out with Richard Simmons to Rockin' Robin. I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but I feel traumatized! :P Seriously, though.. nothing against Richard Simmons. I just can't handle tweeting and flapping my arms that early in the AM.

Hopefully, changing things up will get things moving faster again. If you recall, I made a happy happy post about hitting the 25 lbs lost marker. I lost like.. 2 more after that, then everything stalled for what feels like forever. Today, the scale moved some more, so I'm really close to that 30 lbs mark.. but not as close as I'd like! I feel like I should have attained that already. I have high hopes for a new sweaty workout. Besides.. I hear the P90x routines run more like 45min- 1 hr. That should really ramp things up! :O Though.. from how difficult I've heard the exercises are, I may not be able to do a whole routine at once at first. I'm going to try, though.!

I was really bummed earlier in the week about this lack of progress, so I decided to cheer myelf up by shopping :P I've been wearing Lee Slender Secret jeans for years. Mostly because they stretch, yo! I've always had much larger thighs/hips/butt than waist, even when my waist was ballooning. It meant that if I bought a pair of jeans that fit my hips, there would always be too much pucker in the back of the waist. Panty shows for everyone! So.. these Lee jeans were great because I could buy a size down, they'd stretch for my butt, and still fit the waist.

ANYWAY.. where I was going with that was this: Technically, I was a size 18 jean. I was buying size 16s of that Lee brand, and they fit tight in the butt. Fantastic butt, yes.. but whatever. They've gotten quite baggy lately! That means I'm probably actually a 16! So I went out and bought a size 14. They fit a bit tight now, but that will change!

I honestly wasn't going to buy anymore clothing for like a year, but pants that fit are a priority. I have 2 pairs of jeans, period. And one of them was about worn out. So.. I figured I'd replace them with a smaller size.. and wear the two until the other bigger pair started to wear out. By then, I should be able to buy a 12, mirite? :P I'd have to get down to a 10 in those jeans to be a "real" 12, but still! I haven't been a real 12 since college. I'm trying to keep hopeful, and keep my chin up about all of this. I have a really long way to go before the changes will be really noticable, and I can't give up before then.

I just wanted to let you guys know how it was going... and to let you all know that I'm still at it. I haven't given up yet. And... when it's worth taking pictures to show a difference, I will. Maybe this weekend, just so that I have some interim pics. Some people take a pic each month so they can do a slideshow. I should have done that! Instead.. I just kinda fell into it :P Oh well.


I noticed that I forgot to mention the results of Senpu's vet trip. His numbers are all worse than last time, and he's dropped a half pound. That's with special diet and prescription phosphorus binders. Also.. lately when he walks, I hear his joints popping. Poor kitty! :( He still purs and runs around (when Nugget chases him...), and he has an appetite. He's just not eating as much as I think he should. I'm worried about him crashing, but there's not much we can do at this point than wait and see. He's not to the point where he needs fluids yet, but he's really close. Since things changed this time, I have to bring him back in 3 weeks. We'll check him again then.. But honestly. We can't change the bloodwork. Why do I have to keep bringing him in?


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