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Back home! Month 3: Week.. uh.. 9?

So normally this would be fitness update post, but I didn't do much fitness this week, so it's instead a recap of what I managed to do, and what went horribly, horribly wrong. (Not that much, actually)

I'm still watching calories and working out. I didn't get much exercising done at the end of the week, though, because we went up to Denver to wave at people @ Kunkunkun's wedding then go hang out with Makoto& Ringo! It was a ton of fun, and I felt bad for inconveniencing everyone due to our crappy flight stuff!

I had fully intended to get a workout in on Sat before we had to leave to the airport. I managed to get my awesome Sam Moon duffel 1/2 packed the night before and only had to work out, hit the showers, and do makeup and crap. Instead, I woke up and found the cat had peed all over the luggage! The blouse& special bra I was planning on wearing were both soaked in urine. My jeans.. soaked.. Matt's nostromo (left hand mouse for gaming)... splashed upon. I was livid.

Instead of working out and showering, I got to spend that hour unpacking, washing, and re-packing luggage in a different bag. I'm not travelling smelling like cat piss, yo. I'm just that classy. I was really upset that my plans were ruined, but I got everything I absolutely needed washed& repacked with enough time to still do hair and makeup. While I was managing all that crap, though, I got a call from the airline saying the flight was delayed until 2Pm. That didn't help either!

I was so upset from the cat pee, I misheard the message, and thought it was our first flight that had been delayed. If we were leaving Waco @ 2, then we'd never get to Denver in time for the wedding. I was so mad I wanted to call and see if I could get a refund for the tickets and just say fuck it. I mean, the whole point of going up there was for the wedding. The wedding *cough cough*

So, I tried to contact the airlines to get more info about the delayed flight, and I could not find a way to talk to a real person AT ALL. I even tried the agent trick, and the machine asked me a million questions while lagging out all the time. I angrily smashed the phone down! DRAMA! I decided to listen to the message again and realized it was the DFW--->Denver leg that was delayed by an hour. That wasn't so bad, right? Well.. it sucked because I didn't have that extra morning time I thought I had. I mean.. for a little while, I thought I could get exercise in! NO! It just meant we got to sit at the airport for an extra hour!

When we finally got out the door, the Waco--->DFW leg was calm and uneventful. The layover sucked, but it wasn't THAT bad. The Denver flight... sucked extra. Things ended up running even later than they anticipated. We had 3 babies triangulting our position on the plane, and Denver was being attacked by angry stormclouds, so the flight included an extra hour of running around in circles until they decided to open the airport back up.

I felt bad, because everytime I had a chance to text Makoto throughout the day, things just started running later and later.

By the time we got in town, her availability window had closed momentarily, but it was ok! Minako came to pick us up!! yay!

We totally missed the wedding though... We were supposed to arrive in Denver just before 3pm. Instead, we got in right when the ceremony started at 5! yay??

We crashed the reception for a little bit, and the remainder of our time in Denver Sat/Sun was spent eating our way through town with Ringo, Makoto, Minako, and an awesome person whos LJ handle I don't know ;O SHE WAS A SECRET SPECIAL GUEST?!?

Anyway! It was all worth it because I had a great time. I love getting up there to visit, and we always have a lot of fun!

Unfortuantely, as far as health stuff was concerned, it meant an 1800-2000 cal diet for three days, two days of no workout when workout was scheduled, and an extra special montly bloat guest. XD OH WELL! I'm trying hard again starting tomorrow!

One last note of suckage: I think my phone is broken. I dropped it last week... or maybe during the trip, I don't remember. Anyway... damend POS won't charge properly now. It kind of lights the screen up and dims it every so often when it's plugged in without actually charging it. It is not good. I am especially depressed about this, because our super secret special guest showed me that it COULD, in fact, hold a phone strap/charm. I WAS SO EXCITED! I didn't know it could even do that! And now.. well.. I'll probably have to replace it, re-hello-kitty-sticker it, and all that crap. It took me a while to get the background and ringtones and stuff I wanted on it! Hopefully most of that will transfer over with the sim card. I'm totally screwed on the email/youtube settings, though, because I forgot my gmail password years ago. >..<


We got home, and found out Senpu spend the entire time we were gone pissing all over my toile travel duffel. The Sam Moon one in the print they don't carry anymore -..- SO ANGRY!

I took the insert out of the bottom, and I'm trying to wash it now.. but for the rest of his life, he will target that bag to piss on. He used to play in it. I am unhappy with him.

I may have to throw the bag away.. in which case I am really very sad he didn't pee on it last week. If he'd pissed on it earlier, I could have bought a replacement when I was at Sam Moon with Tania over Memorial Day weekend. -..- Great timing, shithead cat.

What he doesn't know is that he's going back in to the vet's for more bloodwork, and I'ma have him checked for another UTI while we're there.... just in case.

I'm about at my wit's end with this ailing fuzzball, though. I am trying so hard to make him healthy and happy, and he just wants to pee everywhere and be difficult :/


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