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Month 2: Week.. 8? New week! Let's do better! First reward next week!

Last week went pretty poorly. I'll just get that out of the way. I only lost a pound or so. Two pounds a week is healthy. I've been beating that every week until last week. Last week, I spent two days on the road, to & from Dallas, and one day at a renfaire, which essentially meant I did not get the bike in on Thurs/Sat, I overate Thurs, and I made poor food choices Sat/Sun while trying to get back in the swing of things.

That being said, I'm glad I didn't GAIN anything last week, but this is the longest I've stalled yet. I'm hoping this week will be better.

I'm still plugging away, though... and even on the days where I made poor food choices or overate, it wasn't by more than 200-300 cal, which isn't THAT bad in the long run. This week, however, I need to show some discipline and "reset" my food. I was getting too far away from lean protein& lots of veggies.. and while I've told myself a LITTLE bit of junk food is ok, as long as it's within my calorie parameters, the last two days I've spent too little time cooking. I will totally admit that I ate a lot of junk food yesterday, and very little healthy stuff.

Another part of that is groceries, though. Since we've been gone and busy, there hasn't been a lot to cook with in the fridge. Matt has today off, so I'll go get some food at the store and things will be great. I'll get a ton more cans of green beans, some more ground turkey and veggies to make the turkey quinoa meatballs, and I'll have at least a week's worth of lunches set to go without too much effort. Easy lunch= 4 turkey quinoa meatballs, 2 tbs of pasta sauce to coat them, and like.. and asston of steamed broccoli, or a can of green beans, etc. I can do well with that!

I love my variety, but if I wait too long to eat and I just feel starving, I'll grab whatever is handy. One solution would be to cut all the junk out and then be forced to make something healthy. I want to work towards that goal, but I know the way I work. If I flat out deprive myself of chocolate or crackers, I'll just end up binging on an entire box some day and hating myself for it :P So I buy healthier cracker (like popchips or those special K cracker chips, or those pepperidge farm baked cheese crisps) and count/measure them out on the food scale. That way, I can have a tuna salad sandwich (on one of those 100 cal sandwich rounds) and chips and everything is still ok.

Last week, I really felt like I could use a little extra encouragement. I hoped I'd just wake up today and feel totally refreshed and invigorated and motivated and shit, but that didn't happen. I still feel like I'm doing ok, and I can work to do better. Matt says all I need to do is stick with it. I'm trying! I'm going to go feed the cats, get some breakfast, and hit the bike. After that.. I'll grab a shower, dry my hair, and hit the grocery store. I also need to go to the vet and get a refill on Senpu's medication >..< All of that should put me at lunch or later. Keeping busy should help keep me from snacking badly. Maybe a day at home with normal activities will help me get back into my groove.

That being said...

All I need to do is lose 1 more pound, and I've hit my first 25. That means I'm 1/4 of the way to where I wanted to be in 12 months.. in only 10! I know that pace will not continue, and I won't be able to magically lose 100 lbs in 4 months, but I do think that I could finish early, and maybe even lose another 10-15. I think I mentioned that I moved from Morbidly Obese to Obese Class 2. By the end of June, I plan to get out of Obese Class 2 and into Obese Class 1. I'll have to get under 175 to be classified "just" overweight, but I need to keep track of these small victories to keep going. (My original goal was to lose 100 lbs in a year. If I do that, I will still be classified "overweight." If I lose an additional 5 lbs, I'll be "normal" according to the BMI scale. I know BMI is a load of bunk, but when you're this far gone, it makes a good marker to shoot for)

I guess this update ended up being kind of long. I wonder if I should LJ cut it? >..< Oh well.


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