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More stuff, more dirty sentaku

Well... it seems like the amanosworld contest ends July 26, not June 26, so if I want to participate in that yet, I still have a lot of time. (yay?)
I was scribbling a few ideas for Megatokyo strips the other day.. Haven't come up with one that I feel is perfect yet, though.
There's so much I want to do.. and oddly enough, 3 of them are art projects. Damn.. I need to get my new sketchbook in a hurry

List of Crap to do:
1) scan in my personal cels
2) Make a decision on my website, and alter links if nessesary
3)get new sketchbook
4) Work on Megatokyo strip (Due first)
5) Work on character sketches for a freind's project ^..^ (I'll probably be doing this when I should be doing other stuff.... lol)
6) Work on the Amano's world project
7) Pay for my X concert badge/pass thingie from Japan
8) Mop the kitchen floor

Hrmm.. lots of stuff to do. What can I get started on? Hmm...
I may just end up doing the Megatokyo strip on computer paper b/c I don't think I'll get a new sketchbook in time.
I also (almost) wish I lived in Dallas, or at least a lot closer. Most of the Radio Wasabi people are in that area, and I'd love to hang out with them. In fact, if it had been a week later, I'd probably be able to drive up and hang with them. At least.. I'd try and convince Akuma Shinzo to drive me up there to hang out and exsercize my new legal rights. Dallas is only an hour& a half away, and I usually go up there once a month... but...I'd probably be intimidated, though.. I still feel like such a little kid, and I haven't been really active on that list like some of my freinds.. so I don't know a whole lot of people on there, really. It's just one of those little lame fantasies I have where I'm a respected mature adult of drinking age free to do whatever the hell I want. It's dumb.. b/c I really do have all the freedom I need. I suppose it's just that I'm always looking for a place to belong. When I do find someplace, though, I'm usually too overzealous and lose all my freinds, though. Making up for years of being alone, or just baka? A little of both, I think.


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