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Month 2, Week7! or.... Has it been that long already?

Things are still going well. To date, I've lost 23 lbs. That's pretty good, I think! Sadly, this just about gets me down to where I was normally 5 years ago or so. (I remember some trip to the doctor's office shortly after I decided to eat a salad for lunch every day a month and see what happened. I got to about this weight and was super happy that such small changes were helping. Then I got bored of salads after a few weeks and went back to being super unhealthy!)

I think 9 more pounds puts me about where I was when I stopped super awesome diet/exercise attempt 3 years ago.

So basically, by the end of next month, I'll have worked off about 6 years of half-hearted yoyo dieting, poor habits, and all that.

Also... someone PLEASE tell me why every time I decide to make a journal entry, Matt decides to start screaming angrily at his computer game? I seriously can't concentrate when he's busy raging like that, and he only seems to rage when I'm trying to concentrate on something. Like typing. Or listening to a video where someone is talking. Or listening to lore in computer games. WTF dude, calm down :(


I was sick last week and it sucked. It took the greater part of last week to get back up to record burns during my workouts. I think it took at least 3 days after I "felt" better to get the workouts back up there. What I haven't been doing well are my weights, though. Since I've gotten better, I just haven't managed to hit the weights again. I need to do them at least three times a week, and I'll try to make a better effort this week.

I haven't missed a day on the bike, though! Well, when I was sick, I skipped two days due to fever. I was feeling ok on Sun, so I did the bike then.. which essentially made up for Friday. so I missed one day total, but it was due to being sick. I don't really count that day because "skipping" means I got lazy and didn't do it at all... and that hasn't happened yet!

My food is also still on track. Since I've been counting calories and watching what I eat, I've had:

Pizza hut, burgers (fast food, and home made bison), eaten at many different restaurants, ordered take-out, had chocolate, eaten ice cream, snacked on mystery items with hard-to-calculate caloric content, ordered junk food from Japan, eaten high-sodium ramen picked up from the asian market, and all sorts of other things! It's been great!

What I've been especially successful with, however, is not over-eating, making smarter choices on what I eat, eating at regular intervals so I'm not spending time hungry, planning healthy snacks, getting more lean protein& veggies, and many other fantastic things that I'm sure normal people do every day.

I've made it a point not to deny myself things I'm craving, because I know that's how I fail. I just make sure to track it all, and budget it out. In the last two months, I've had ONE real chocolate bar (Aero bar from World Market), and it gave me a horrible case of the craps :P I don't tolerate junk food like I used to! It's been a real deterrant.

I also had a bad experience with Jack-in-the-Box (again.. hate that place). I decided I really just had to have a fast food burger. I figured that I could have one burger, water, and no fries, and still be within calories for the day. I got the estimated 400cal Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.... and it was a total dissappointment. The bun had heat lamp burns, the whole thing was dried out and smelled funny, and the burger patty was nearly non-existant. I wanted to cry and toss it in the trash. I ate it anyway, though. I felt that if I didn't, I'd just crave a burger again some time and make the same mistake. The burger made me sad. (Though, in the back of my mind, I still feel like I would have been happier with a big mac :P) I taught myself that if I have a choice, I'd rather actually have something healthier and that the burger just wasn't worth it.

I was also extremely proud of myself for passing up hard-to-resist opportunities to over-eat. One morning, I had breakfast, etc like usual, and talked to a freind about going out for lunch later in the day. She was up since like 6AM, so lunch for her felt good at 10AM. I was not ready to eat then, but I still wanted to hang out, so I agreed to go with her to a pancake house.

1) There is NO healthy option at a pancake house, yo!
2) Lunch was supposed to be at 12pm, not that early. If I ate at that restaurant, I'd be eating 2 hrs early, setting myself up for lots of hunger and danger for over-eating in the afternoon
3) If I ate there, I'd most certainly eat a minimum of like 600cal -..-
4) I don't think I've ever gone to a restaurant and NOT ordered something
5) I don't like being the only person eating. I feel like everyone is staring at me. I wasn't sure if my freind felt the same way or not.

It was a total success though! I went anyway, ordered a coffe, and didn't order any food! In fact, I sat there sipping BLACK coffee and was totally content. I hate black coffee! I'd much rather have dumped a ton of creamer in it, but I didn't do that either. It didn't bother my freind that I wasn't ordering, and we had a really nice time visiting before she had to go back to work.

I was extremely proud of how I handled myself at the pancake place, yo!

Only 2 more weeks until I think about making that appointment down in Austin for my magatama tattoo :)


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