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I have the plague!

I don't know how I got sick, but it totally sucks! I caught something a few days ago, and I haven't been able to get to the bike the past two days because I've had a fever and aches and chest congestion and crap. If I wasn't running a fever, I'd still bike with all the rest of this crap. When I started to come down with it, my throat hurt pretty bad for a whole day and I biked anyway >..<

Mostly, I'm frustrated because I won't be able to "make up" the workouts. I'm just going to have to soldier on whenever my fever is gone. Who would have thought I'd be so upset about missing a few workouts?

I've gotten sick quite a few times already this year. Three at least? I used to only get sick once a year, or once every other year, so this is kind of freakish. I'm hoping that all the stuff I'm doing to get healthier will keep me from getting sick so often in the future. However.. 5 weeks into this process and I get sick? Not fair XD It's spring! Who gets sick during the spring??

With how fast I got sick, and how much my throat hurt, I'm thinking it could have been strep. I don't really go to the doctor when I get sick, though. Pretty much every time I've gone with a really really bad cold, they just send me home and say too bad. The internet says strep will go away on it's own too, so why bother going to get tested for it? The internet also says docs will give antibiotics for it, but the antibiotics don't make you well any faster. They only shorten transmission time. I'm a recluse, so whatever XP I will sit here and feel gross without knowing exactly what it is. I think I'm getting better, because everything is coming out green and bloody. That's usually a sign that I'll be feeling 100% better within the next day or two.

Hopefully tomorrow, I can get on the bike! Sunday is normally a day of rest, but I'll use it to make up a day if I'm feeling better!

In other news.. this is a busy month!

Mon- Appointment with our new optomitrist, then we're going to go see Dark Shadows
Tues- Diablo III releases. We shall play it. A LOT.
Fri- Going to go see Chicago at the Waco civic theatre with Alisha
Sat- WoW freind's IRL wedding out in bumfuck nowhere, Texas

The following week, Matt has 3 days off towards the end of the week where we shall probably go up to the DFW area and see Tania. If she decides she wants to hit the renfaire that weekend, though, things might go a little different. Matt may stay home, and I might drive up.. I don't know >..< If Matt had like Fri-Sat-Sun off instead of Weds-Thurs-Fri, things would be so much easier. That's closing weekend anyway, though, so I think that I may go with Alisha that weekend anyway and still go up to DFW thurs/fri? I'm still working on it.

That pretty much takes us to the end of the month, though, and I'm totally not used to having so much to do in the space of a few weeks.

The very next weekend after that is the first week of June! Up to Colorado! Provided I've kept up on my exercise, I'll be planning a trip down to Austin sometime later that month for my Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne magatama tattoo.

At the end of June, Ray and I are going to the Jack Throwback festival. 14 tribute bands! It's going to be epic XD Tickets were only 10 bucks a peice. Just go to that site and look at all the bands. Especially the ones that dressed up like the band they are paying tribute to. The Cure one makes me LOL so hard. I'm really looking forward to it... (I love The Cure so much :X But most of you probably already know that) And out of all those bands.. I think I've only ever seen The Cure live XD I heard the Duran Duran cover band is awesome, though.. and the U2 one is the absolute next best thing to seeing U2 live. I heard they're really good. Anyway... I'm still trying to decide what awesome shirt to wear. Whitesnake concert shirt from the 80's (stolen from Matt. He bought it at the concert. lololol), Max Headroom (also from Matt's 80's attire), or I think he has a Blue Oyster Cult shirt around here somewhere? I'm kind of leaning towards Whitesnake, yo!

July is looking pretty clear, but our French buddy may be coming back for another visit in August. He can be kind of a flake, though, so I'm not counting on it. He reminds me a lot of myself in that respect, especially when I was in highschool. I'd get myself into these situations where work was due or I promised something, then I'd get lazy and not do it. When the due date hit, I'd get super stressed out, and.... still not do anything :P So ignoring it just made everything worse and I buried myself in a huge pile of guild, shame, and lazy procrastination. I'd like to think I'm better now, but I don't have homework anymore either :P


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