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Great News, Everyone!

The foundation of the house is fine!!

We were noticing more cracks in the walls, and thought we'd have to spend the tax refund on getting the house re-leveled. I looked around online, and it looked expensive :( We freaked out about it for a while, then I finally called someone in to inspect it early this week. The dude came by yesterday with a neat little gizmo, took measurements everywhere, and checked the beams. We have a tiny bit of sagging on the end of the house with the bathrooms, but mostly just under the guest bathroom. He said it's so miniscule, there wouldn't be much they could do about it. Sure, he said they could come out and charge us a bunch of money to jack it up a little bit, but it wasn't nessesary.

He also went on to say that our concrete pillars or whatever are actually 2 inches in diameter wider than what the current standard is, and that normally in pier& beam houses, you can walk around and the floor wobbles a little bit. Because of the piers we have, the house is rock solid. The floor doesn't wobble, and everything is hunky-dorey!

It's super exciting news. It means all sorts of things! We'll have Matt's car paid off faster, and we'll be closer to a master bath remodel :) (I want a new deck, but that's not a priority. Maybe in a few more years...) It also means that if we have someone to come in and plaster/paint over the cracks we have, they shouldn't come back. The inspector said that since last summer was so dry and hot, it may have moved things around a little bit, but not to worry. Our beams were all solid, no signs of termites (we knew about that... on a preventative termite plan), and the piers all look great. He said he shouldn't even have to worry about checking on it again for at least another 5 years, maybe longer. We'll keep an eye on it, and if there are any problems, I'll totally call these guys again. This dude was totally awesome.

I offered to let him play a game of pinball, and he declined ;(


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