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Week 4, start! Obligatory weekly fitness post

Still determined, still on track, yay!

My weight loss so far has been steady. Things are good. I've lost maybe 11-12 lbs so far. I don't know. My mechanical scale is frustrating. Every time I get it zero'ed out, it doesn't stay that way. Stepping on or off changes it. Breathing on it knocks it off course, etc. So we'll say 11-12 for now. I would like to hit 15 gone by the end of the week, since that would be a nice tidy sum for month one, but I seriously doubt it'll be that much.

I haven't missed a day on the bike yet, even when I wake up feeling crappy, or haven't had enough sleep.

I haven't had a bad afternoon of snacking yet, which I feel is much more monumental. Other times I've tried to cut back and be healthier, I'd get about as far as lunch, then snack uncontrollably until dinner and ruin everything. I don't know what is different about things now, but I've managed to stay on track all month, save Saturday. Saturday I did well all the way through dinner, then EPIC FAIL at the bar with 3 hard ciders, a cup (approx.. it was half a small dessert bowl) of bread pudding.. which would have still left me in the 1600 cal range with what I'd had earlier today... if I hadn't ordered the Irish Nachos XD

I said to myself... "Hey self. They say it's important to change up your diet every once and a while. Like.. one cheat day a month to get higher calories and keep your body guessing so the metabolism doesn't go wonky and make you gain weight at 1400 cal. I should just eat whatever I feel like tonight, and call that my cheat day for the month!"

Well, I've learned my lesson :P Even though (by my estimates) I ended they day between 2200-2300 cal (around maintenance for me), I managed to apparate 1.2 pounds on the scale the next morning. If I do decide to do a high cal day next month, it'll probably be inadvertantly at Colby's wedding on the 19th, and I'll still be careful. I won't plan to pig out at the bar anymore. What I've been doing so far has been working great for me. Messing with it just draws out the time it will take me to get to my goals.

As for the exercise portion.. I've been working about every other day or so on weights, but I forget to do them a lot. I'm doing more reps than I was when I was doing them 3x a week with a partner last year. I'm also not increasing the weight as much. I got the weight pretty high last time, but I ended up doing something to my wrist that made it pop a lot and feel sore for many weeks. I don't want that to happen again, so I'm not adding as much weight or trying to increase my limits all that much.

I would like to get back to doing deadlifts and weighted squats, but I'm a little nervous about doing those and feeeling like jelly for many days afterwards. I still need to do the bike no matter what. I figured, since Sunday is a day of rest (no workout at ALL), I ought to do deadlifts on Sat, that way I can sit around sore all day on Sunday.. then after the first week or so, I'll be able to rotate them in normally and not worry about jelly legs the next morning. Matt was supposed to remind me to do it, but he continued drinking when we got home and he passed out on the couch :/ By the time I realized I'd forgotten, it was 10:30 and I was feeling sleepy. My bedtime is so early now! I wake up between 7-8AM now! WTFFFFFFFFFF

I've been doing awesome on the bike, though. All last week, I was topping myself on calories burned in my 30 min period. It was like my stamina suddenly increased after rest day on Sun. I'm about to hit the bike this morning, and I'm curious to see if my stamina has gone up again. If I start performing even better, I can pop my bike entry up to 30 min (heavy) from 30 min (moderate) XD

Anyway... I'm still at it. I'm still feeling good about it. I don't know what's changed in my head to make the food changes seem easier, but I'm thankful for it. I was actually very much afraid that after Sat at the bar, everything would be suddenly back to the way it was and I wouldn't be able to control myself at all. But so far, so good. I'm going to try to keep it up! After all, you really can't tell any difference on me right now, and I think it'll take at least another 20 lbs for any sort of weight loss to be noticable on me XD When people find out how much I weigh, they always seem shocked. I am very dense, yo! I guess this means when I get down to only about 30 lbs overweight, I'll look like a superstar XD

OH! Tomorrow, I take Senpu to the vet again for more follow up blood work. We'll find out if his numbers have gone down or not. I've been doing the best I can to get him to eat, even though he doesn't like the powder I have to mix with his food OR his prescription kidney food. Right now, we're mixing the prescription in with 1/4 can kidney diet and 1/4 can something tasty like blue buffalo wet or wellness wet. He seems to be able to tolerate it like that. Every time I try to transition him just to the k/d, though, he walks away from his food. I can't have that. He needs to be eating no matter what.

I am optimistic, though. He seems to have put a little weight on. He knows what times to expect food, too. I feed the cats aroudn 8AM. Senpu jumps on me at 7AM every morning and starts slapping me around. Seriously!! He just sticks his paw out and starts smacking me in the face until I wake up XD It's annoying, but really cute. He's purring the whole time, of course -..-

I'll probably post again tomorrow with his health update. If they ask me to bring him in again in 2 weeks, though, I'm going to have to talk with them about it. It's too stressful to him. He freaks out every time he has to go to the vet, and he KNOWS when hes going. He hides under the bed if he can. I'll close doors while he's eating so he won't have anywhere to hide, but he KNOWS something is going on after that. When I bring him back home, he just hides under the bed the rest of the day, and won't come out the day after that. He'll come out for food, but he'll hide right after it. The sound of me putting my jeans or shoes on sends him panicking to get under the bed, even if we're not going anywhere. If the vets know he's going into renal failure.. I'd rather just keep him home and healthy and test him once a year.

The numbers aren't ever going to go up. It's been about a month since his infection, and I would have expected to see him put the weight back on after it was cleared up. I think it's chronic and we'll have to keep him on prescriptions the rest of his life. But if we can get the numbers stable, I'd rather just keep him home and not have to test him all the damned time.
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