HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

I felt like hell yesterday!

This was supposed to get posted yesterday, but I apparently wasnt' logged in, then I messed up my PW like 4 times and LJ locked me out. So it gets posted today instead!

I woke up feeling ok, but as soon as I got up and started wandering around, I got a headache and felt super nauseous. It didn't feel like a regular migrane, but I guess I got one anyway! When I'm not feeling well, I'm hyper-sensitive to smells. Smelling the wet cat food I feed the fuzzballs just made me want to hurl. I skipped breakfast and laid back down. Before I knew it, though, it was already 11AM XD I felt 100% ok laying down, but as soon as I sat up, the headache came back. (sans nausea, thank goodness) I grabbed a small bowl of cereal and watched the history channel for a little bit.

I still haven't hopped on the bike yet. I still feel kinda gross, and I'm afraid this headache is going to explode all over again. I haven't had a migrane in a really long time, so it's kind of bumming me out! I'm really tempted to stuff myself with spaghetti and see if it goes away. Why is that a solution?? It's probably not. But it's what I WANT to do XD Willpower, come to me nao!

Yesterday I went out with a freind and we had a great time at the Waco zoo. Yes, Waco has a zoo! It's really well landscaped, and the weather was gorgeous. It was really freakin' sunny, but there was a lot of wind, so it was really refreshing. We checked out the animals and had a lot of fun. I laughed at the dik diks :X I figured the zoo was really tiny, and we'd get through super fast, so I wore some cute cork heeled sandals. Big mistake! They have rubbery thongs, and I got a few blisters ;( I should have worn my creepy finger sneakers.


I did my bike in the afternoon. I decided to have a "high calorie" day to change things up. I was shooting for 1800-2000 cal, but ended up only eating about 1600. That's good! I splurged by having some Japanese chocolate covered cookies I bought at the asian market and a peice of toast with butter (not at the same time). Man... even with my healthy bread, it's an expensive snack. 90 cal for the bread, and the butter calories vary by how much I put on. I really want that asiago cheese bagel in the freezer, but if I eat that with cream cheese, that's like all my lunch calories. Maybe I'll do it today anyway and have a bowl of grapefruit as a snack XD

I biked today and had an all-time high performance. It was great. I am drenched in sweat. I may go out with Alisha and see the new Poe movie. I will wear my Edgar Allen Crow shirt. BWAHAHAHA THE MOST EPIC LITERARY SHIRT EVAR
Tags: weight loss


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