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Week 3- still at it!

I am convinced my scale is crap, though. In previous dieting attempts, I only weighed once a week. Some blogs I was reading about real people doing the honest diet& exercise thing said they checked every day, though. I figured.. why not! A few said they noticed it was like riding a downward roller-coaster. Sometimes, the numbers would creep up slowly, then drop sharply for a week. I wanted to see this stuff first hand. It's regular for me to fluxuate in a 5 lb range throughout the day depending on water intake, etc, so I weighed in the morning at the same time every day.


I could weigh myself 7 or 8 times in a row and get a number every time! I think it's that 20 dollar Target scale -..- It's really hard to keep the needle on 0 when nothing is on it. It's great for ballpark ranges, but bad for tracking small fluxuations.

That all said and done, I have lost between 5-10 lbs! XD I don't know! It means I'm on track, basically. I was hoping things might go faster than the average, since I have so much to lose. Oh well :X I'm still riding the bike for 30 min every morning Mon-Sat, and my caloric intake has stayed between 1400-1500/day with the exception of last Friday.

Friday, I went up to DFW with KT :D We saw the Impressionists exhibit at the Kimbell. It was very well put together. Due to a string of bad judgements on my part, and bad directions given by two different GPS systems, we had to skip Mr. Max's this time ;( SADNESS. The original plan was to hit DFW by 1pm or so, catch the exhibit, then head to Mr. Max and be there by 5pm at opening time. From there, we'd take no longer than an hour for dinner, then drive to Dallas for the Opera. I bought tickets for The Magic Flute :D


We finished the art exhibit around 4:15, and we knew it only took like 20 min to get to Mr. Max from there, so I made the tard-i-est decision ever to wander around the permenant collection. We lost track of time and headed out at 4:45 only to realize: FUCK IT'S 5 PM DOWNTOWN ON A WEEKDAY

So... we scratched that plan and headed straight to the opera house. Shinnanegans ensued, and we got there right around 6:30 or so. Right on time to pick up tickets! Downside? No dinner!

I'd eaten my 3/4 cup of Special K Protein in the morning, had a pear for a snack, then that was it until DFW. Prior to the museum, we stopped at The Lonesome Dove in the stockyards for a light lunch of appetizers, tapas style. While that was great, it wasn't filling. We were holding out for Mr. Max!! But since that didn't happen, we shared a very sad and tiny portion of overpriced hummus at the opera house. We just figured we'd have to hold out until afterwards, then we'd hit Mr. Max for a very late dinner.


Mr. Max has changed it's hours over the years. It's no longer open until 2AM. I figured it'd be 12pm for certain. We got out of the Opera around 10:30-10:45 or so. (the Pamina was fantastic! I also loved Papageno) The whole trip to Mr. Max went smoothly, but we talked about how it was currently Shroedinger's Japanese Restaurant. We could not see it, therefore we could not tell if it was actually closed or not. It could have been simultaneously open and closed, but we would have to get there to confirm. Our very act of arriving would then cause it to be one or the other. Unfortunately, it was closed :( They closed at 11PM, and took last orders at 10:30. There was really no way for us to make it work even if we had teleportational tube technology :(

This is where the food fail comes. Even with eating at a restaurant for lunch, I had at least 800 cal available for dinner, and decided ANYTHING OPEN WOULD DO. We thought to ourselves: "This is a gigantic city on a Friday night. Surely something is open late." We couldn't find a damned thing. We even passed that diner that Tania worked at, and a DINER was closed early.

We settled on a Wendy's in a gas station that we happened to pass. We were just like "FUCK IT. HUNGRY" and I failed and had a burger, fries& a soft drink. In retrospec, I could have stayed within my caloric allotment if I had not ordered fries, and taken a water instead of a soda. I had so much left, the burger would have been ok. In my defense, I did not eat all the fries, and I ended the day right at 2,000 cal, which was easily 300-600 cal below maintenance levels, so the numbers say I still ended the day with a deficit XD

I worked out that Fri morning before leaving, but I didn't feel like biking at all on sat when I came home, so I took Sat as my rest day and biked on Sun instead. I have been consistant with the bike, and with my calorie intake. I should be going in the right direction if I can keep it up.

So.. essentially 6 weeks until first reward. By then, I should have lost about 16 lbs. Hopefully a little more. All math and common sense says if I keep up like this, I should be able to do it. I kind of feel like something in my brain has changed. I used to feel like a zombie when I'd go to the kitchen for a snack. I'd eat something dumb, and then just keep going all afternoon. I used to feel like I couldn't stop myself or do anything about it. I felt like that for years and years.. and my many years of journaling are a testament to how many times I have tried and failed with food. Right now.. I feel something is fundamentally different, but I can't tell what it is because I still feel like me. This is only the first step, though.

Step One was definitely just getting on the right calorie train. Next, I need to be a little more conscious about cutting out the refined sugars and flours and making sure the quality of the calories is enough that I can gorge myself on lean protein and veggies and have a great variety and quality of food. Then I'll probably watch sodium, etc a little more.

Today for lunch I had a 410 calorie bowl of Japanese instant kitsune ramen that had 2330mg of sodium in it. That number seems astronomicaly bad XD lol I'll work on that later. I need to keep up what I'm doing for 6 more weeks. Then: Nocturne-inspired geek tattoo! (No, this is not the design. LOL)


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